ADR - multiple reservations for same day/meal

I’m not 100% sure which parks we are doing on which days as it will depend upon when the MNSSHP will be. So I’ve got two different itineraries going with varying meal options.

Would i be able to book two restaurants for dinner at different parks around the same time? for example: BOG at 5:30 AND Via Napoli at 5:35 for the same day? (with the intent of canceling one once my park dates are finalized)

You’d need to either phone, or use two different MDE accounts.

okay, is there a minium amount of time needed between the two reservations?

I did this as well. I booked using only one MDE account, but I my times were about an hour apart. It wouldn’t allow it if they were at the same time. Not sure what the minimum time needs to be.

The minimum seems to be about 1 hour and 10 minutes now. It used to be 1 hour. If you have 2 MDE accounts they can be at the same times.

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