ADR - modify or drop

I have an ADR for AP that I don’t want unless I can modify the date and time (which I haven’t been able to do so far). Do people have better luck finding ADRs by modifying or is it the same as starting fresh? If it doesn’t help me to keep it (i.e. easier to find when modifying) I’ll drop it so someone else can take it.

I would drop it and use the touring plans reservation finder for the replacement.

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Just out of interest what date are you dropping?

Keep it if you really want the res despite the date / time. You might not get a replacement. But if it’s 100% a no go I’d drop it.

Wednesday January 15 at 4:35 p.m. for 4 people. Interested? We can try to coordinate it so you pick it up right after I drop it.

It’s too late unfortunately but thank you anyway. I’ve got one for Jan the 4th but looking to make it a few days earlier. I’ve just seen an email from the ressie finder and I missed one on the 23rd Dec that would have been perfect. The search continues!

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I dropped it on the 15th. Checked a few minutes later and got one on the 14th! I wonder if the system limits what you can see if you already have a reservation for that restaurant on a different day. The time is a little late (7pm), but we can make it work since it will be our rest day so we can always have a nap during the afternoon. :slight_smile: