ADR looming.... going round in circles

Firstly, thanks for all the advice on this forum. It’s been so helpful in putting together my thoughts so far. Hoping some more experienced liners can now give me some thoughts on my Feb 2020 trip before ADR day in a few weeks. I’m going round in circles as I’m worried about the crowds on presidents weekend and variable weather. To put things in context this trip is me, DH, DD (13) and DS (9) for 10 nights on DDP at AKL. We’ve all been to wdw twice before (3 and 6 years ago) - both times 12 days following Easter Sunday. Used TP last time and all the advice on here and it was brilliant

Th 13 - arrive AKL check in - poss AK if early enough
F 14 - MK (hopefully EMH), BOG lunch, pm break at hotel, Teppan Ado evening ADR / Epcot eve show
S 15 - AK (hopefully EMH), TH late morning, break at hotel, back to AK for eve show
S 16 - HS - who knows what to plan following galaxy edge opening. Possible EMH?
M 17 - Epcot, break at hotel, eve 1900 ADR and HEA
T 18 - HS - again who knows re plans but including eve ADR mama Melrose fantasmic package
W 19 - park AM or water park depending on weather. Eve ADR artiste point then MK for eve EMH
Th 20 - Epcot. Break at hotel. Eve TRex (OOP) and DS
F 21 - MK (hopefully EMH). Midday ‘breakfast’ ADR Ohana. No eve plans
S 22 - AK (hopefully EMH), break at hotel, eve ADR Via Napoli
S 23 - Early CM ADR - MK for last rides and BOG lunch before eve flight home

Last time we enjoyed park hopping and the kids are used to being on the go all the time. On our planned rest days last time we ended up going in to the parks anyway! Possibly want to add ADRs for one or two of either the castle, CP, akershus or boma (done first 3 twice before). Also may want to fit in another water park day if the weather is good. Thinking we may need more time in MK? Wishing I’d been able to do 12 days again but it wasn’t possible!

Would love any thoughts. If I asked anyone at home they would think I was nuts! No other Disney fans in our group of family, friends and colleagues - what’s wrong with them?


The main thing I regret about my ADRs is not making a few backup ones for those that are hardest to get – I switched some days around between 180 and 60 days and would have made more changes if I could have kept the same ADRs. So in case when they announce EMH it makes you want to switch around some days, I’d make BOG lunch reservations on at least 2 other days and maybe have some backups for Ohana and TH and AP too.

Bona seems to be fairly easy to add (I moved it to a different night around the 60 day mark), but if you want to add CP or the castle I’d book a few now and then keep what works as you get closer and park hours are more certain.


Yes!! Make back ups! Even when we were there our plans changed and we had a hard time finding a TS place open and convenient at the time.

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Y’all would probably faint if you saw my ADR spreadsheet, and I’m still struggling because I only got 2 or 3 backups of some of the hard to gets.


Thanks for ADR back up comments. Any other thoughts on overall plan? Thanks all

I never even thought to make back ups and now I am kicking myself for the stress I could have saved myself on our upcoming trip. This is great advice, will definitely use in the future.

Thank you to Reservation Finder on this site in helping manage the issues we found ourselves with as our plans firmed up.

I only made 1 back up ADR (and for one that wasn’t very hard to get) – I had found touringplans but didn’t notice the forums until a month or two after my ADR date.

Sooo, who needs the breaks in ur plan? I would much rather get there earlier, spend the day, or get there later and stay late night. U lose ALOT of time taking the break. Also, Presidents weekend is BUSY. I’d discount the water parks, weather is cold and its not as much fun. Go to ur hotel pool. From ur descript, u dont need to plan all the “rest” just maybe allocate shorter day, pick rope drop or later enrty.

Also, Teppen Edo, just o.k. in my opinion. My local hicabhi is better, lol

We like to do rope drop but also like evenings in the parks, hence why the breaks in the middle of the day. Not sure we could do 7am to 10pm in the parks everyday. Might think about a few late starts and stay to evening though - thanks.

I don’t go to parks with EMH, they tend to be more crowded anyway. On “late days” we get to the park about an hour or two after it opens up. I usually reserve late days for MK bc its stays open the latest normally.

Hibachi, lol

Ive never made back ups, this is something to think about…

Anyone got any thoughts on the overall plan in terms of days at parks etc? Thx

Looks very well rounded to me :grin: