ADR Issues

Yesterday was my 180 mark so I logged on at 6:00 AM to make my ADRs like I usually do. This time I barely got anything I wanted. It was very frustrating. Is anyone else experiencing this? I find it hard to believe there were zero breakfast reservations available for Trattoria al Forno
4 days into our trip. I also could not get a breakfast reservation at Garden Grill. Maybe I am naive to think this way? I usually go in January or February and this trip I am going the week after Thanksgiving. Is it going to be way more crowded this time of year? Any insight anyone has is appreciated!

I did mine today and was also surprised about the low availability. Six days into our trip I could only get 08:40 for Garden Grill and nothing for breakfast at BOG on Nov 27.

We chose that week because all the crowd calenders predict it as one of the slowest weeks.

Everything was VERY tight yesterday, I found as well.

I did read that there was a bit of wonkiness around FPP yesterday, and wondered if they were doing another update. They need to figure that crap out because it’s impacting guest experience.

Keep trying, set up reservation finder, and know that if things really are locked up tight like that (it is the week after thanksgiving after all!) that hoarders will revise and firm up plans as the date gets closer and things will open up.


Same here. I was online at 5:55, all ready to go and was extremely frustrated by what was left. It has gotten to the point where I think this trip might be the last time we plan for eating on property and we’ll start eating off property instead and packing our meals. It is no longer fun or exciting, and I don’t like planning my days around dining reservations when things are so limited. I wasn’t even going for things like a Be Our Guest dinner, but for the things I wanted, the times would not fit well into what I wanted my schedule to be. I know it’s possible to use the Reservation Finder and get some as people cancel, but you should be able to get a decent amount of reservations being online right when your booking opens. It is a free dining period, I get that’s part of the problem. I thought the week after Thanksgiving was supposed to be quieter, which is why I booked for then. The free dining was just a nice perk. I might end up going back down to the QS plan instead, and only then because it’s “free” and there are not (currently) any room discounts.

We are there Thanksgiving week and I decided ahead of time to mostly wing it all week so that our plans do not have to revolve around our dining reservations. I made one TS lunch reservation at Sci-fi at DHS, and dinner reservations for Thanksgiving. That’s it! We are staying CL which means we don;t have to worry about breakfast at all, and depending on our plans, can easily make dinner out of it if we happen to be in the lounge around dinner time. I just feel like psychologically it will be better to feel like we can just decide what we want to do the day of and not stress about it for months in advance.

I see that for the first time this year, the Candlelight Processional will start at Thanksgiving. I think this is affecting availability at Epcot and Epcot area restaurants; they will be holding back lots of space for the dining packages. This includes the breakfast at Trattoria.

Keep an eye out for the CP dining packages and jump on them when they’re released.

Thanks for the information. It does make sense that they are holding back spots for the dining packages. I will keep a look out!

I was so frustrated yesterday. I am going to try to be patient to see if things will open up but I may also go the QS route. I even debated on changing the date of my trip but everyone is looking forward to going.

I did mine at 6:00am on Monday morning and there was a ton of availablity up until about 3:00pm. I even got an 8:00am CRT on a weekend. Maybe a lot of people are starting their vacations on Saturday that week.

I’m so nervous about getting up to book ours this Sunday, It will not be the end of the world if we don’t get what we want but it sure would be nice. I don’t have a computer at home and am wondering what works better the APP or the Browser? I will be using my iphone or ipad to book them.

I am also helping my Sister in law book her trip and I am having fun helping her, She is going in a few weeks and has never been so I enjoy helping her because I want her to have a good trip and not be standing in lines for hours in the heat… but when I sit down and work on mine I am so stressed out!!!

I had a hard time with the app and eventually abandoned it for the browser. The app kept giving me an error message.

The browser has been so much better for me. Even found a Dining with Imaginneer ar Hollywood Bown Derby, which I never saw on the app.

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Agree. If you’re looking for the packages (ROL, Fantasmic, etc.) or other special things (Dining with an Imagineer, Dessert Parties), you definitely need to be on the browser. They’re just not on the app.

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sounds like I will just go with the browser from the start. I will already be half asleep waking up at 3 am to book them I need all the help I can get haha

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