ADR issues on MDE (app or website)?

I make my ADRs June 1, so still have a few weeks. I have had someone tell me recently about problems completing/confirming the reservations both through the MDE app and website and then having to call with long waits etc…which can of course create concerns getting what you want. Anyone made ADRs in the past few days and had good luck or did you experience problems as well? Hoping it is worked out!

I made my reservations a few weeks ago, April 21, and had lots of problems with the website and app. I THINK what happened was that Disney was 1 day off on my 180 day mark. So, the website said I couldn’t make reservations yet. I got an email, the NEXT day, from Disney, saying it was time to make reservations. I know I was right, though. I had multiple places, including Disney itself, say April 21 was the day for me. Anyway, it was extremely frustrating that morning. I tried for a while online, but was unsuccessful.
I called just after 7am EST, and had an estimated 90 minute wait. I think I got a hold of someone after about 60 minutes, and eventually got everything I wanted. This includes an 8:10 AM BOG for 6! There were no “180” day problems, once I actually talked to someone.
So, I’d say, if you can’t get things working online, the folks on the phone are very helpful. Things just took a lot longer than I expected. Plan to have something else to do, while you’re on hold, if you call. I managed to get myself completely ready for work, while listening to Disney music. :smile:

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It seems to be very much hit or miss.

Hopefully they get the kinks worked out soon! I know on April 25 when free dining/room discounts were released they had technical issues and a LONG phone wait time! I had to wait 2+ hours to get a CM on the phone that day to modify my res for the free dining. I’m hoping I won’t have to wait that long again, lol. :slight_smile:

I think that many people are unable to make their +10 dining reservations on the website (or app) on their ADR day. We would be included in that list a couple months ago. I have read rumors that have speculated that if you do NOT have a dining plan, then you have to call at 7:00 am rather than do it on line at 6:00 am (if you have the dining plan). If it helps, we had to call at 7:00 am and were still able to get the ADR’s we wanted. Good luck.

If it helps, I just made mine online today for our trip beginning Oct 31 (180 days from today). Had no issues booking BOG and a couple other places at 6 am this morning for the 5th, 6th, and 7th days of our trip for a group of 10. We do not have the dining plan. I was worried it wouldn’t work too, but it did!