ADR is Sunday! I have questions, please help!

I will be making my ADR’s on Sunday. I am hoping to do the Tusker House ROL dining package and the H&V Fantasmic dining package. As of today, none of the dates have been released for September yet. Should I make a reservation and try to switch or should I wait? I realized the characters for both these are basically the same. We were also going to do Chef Mickey’s with basically the same characters. Should I skip Chef Mickey’s and try somewhere else? We have never done any table service at Disney. Always have done QS. We are doing CRT, BOG, Biergarten, Whispering Canyon, and Sanaa or Ohana too! Which is better, Sanaa/Ohana, for DD 9?

One last question will Disney go by Daylight Savings Time on Sunday?

Thank you for the help!

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The packages usually release later than the regular reservations. Booking a non-package ADR won’t help or hurt you when the packages are released, but if you make one, just remember to cancel it if you get the package later.

I can answer the last question, though… WDW goes on Florida time, so they will change clocks this weekend.

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These are tough questions.

There is no comparison between Ohana and Sanaa. Not the same food, not the same environment. Both of these are very likely on our “repeat every visit” list now. Do you have to pick just one of these?

Character interaction at Chef Mickey’s is way better than Tusker House. However, the place is loud and just overwhelming, IMO. If it means anything, DD6 always talks about Chef Mickey’s but hasn’t mentioned Tusker House once since our visit. I liked the food better at Tusker House. We had breakfast at Tusker House and brunch at Chef Mickey’s.

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I would suggest you make all the reservations you want this Sunday. Our 180-day ADR window opened last December, and I dutifully got up at 6 am to book everything we wanted as soon as we were allowed. When we heard last week that La Nouba was being cancelled later this year, we totally switched 2 park day visits to take in what was a previously unplanned La Nouba show. So with less than 90 days before our trip we rescheduled a full 2 days of ADR’s, including a Fantasmic dining reservation and a Tusker House ROL dining package. Got every single ADR we wanted. You can always cancel and/or change your reservations. There is also TP’s (very effective) Reservation Finder which we used once to get a more preferred ADR time for an earlier made reservations.

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We weren’t able to book a Fantasmic dining package until a month past our 180 day mark. My procedure was to check each morning over breakfast. And even then, I kept checking, and four months later, they rescheduled Fantasmic for later, and opened up later Fantasmic packages, so I rebooked for an hour later. (I wasn’t too keen on eating dinner before 5 pm, so I was relieved to get a 6:10 pm slot.)

Since Rivers of Light is so new, you’ll probably want to watch that closer for the availability of dining packages.

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  1. Go ahead and make ADRs if you think you’ll use them if you can’t get a dining package.
  2. Characters at H&V and Tusker House are completely different from each other, and Tusker House slightly different from Chef Mickey’s.
  3. Yes, expect WDW to go by Daylight Savings.
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Thank you all so much for the help!

Characters at H&V and Tusker House are completely different from each other, and Tusker House slightly different from Chef Mickey’s.

Only at breakfast, where Hollywood & Vine has a Disney Junior Play & Dine. Dinner is Mickey, Daisy, Donald & Goofy, and then starting in mid-may, lunch will be as well.

My experience with TH was fantastic. DD loved the food (Picky McTeenager), and we really liked the character interaction. We also had breakfast at Ohana and highly recommend that. The feedback above about CM being loud is consistent with everything else I’ve heard, and the other piece that I’ve heard is that the food at Hollywood and Vine is not good- people with kids tolerate it because of the character experience.

I agree, get your reservations as you can, and if the packages open up later see about booking those then and cancelling your previous reservations.


Oh my gosh! I hate giving misinformation, thanks for clarifying.
Also, that’s great news about H&V as my kids outgrow the DisJr crowd.

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