ADR Help 3/15 reservations

I have an upcoming disney resort stay starting on 3/15. Based on the 60 day calendar (and the date touring plans provided me) I should be able to start booking at 6am on 1/14.

I just tried booking for 3/14 evening as my flight was changed and I’ll be getting in a day earlier (staying off property for the one night). I tried booking an ADR and the site (and app) tell me they can’t book at this time. Based on the 60 day calendar I should be able to book for 3/14. Now I am worried that I will miss out on getting reservations for my stay starting on 3/15. Note the site will let me book for 3/13.

Am I misinterpreting how far in advance I can book? When I look at the calendar on the website it shows all the dates of my stay as “active” - realizing that I can’t book for 3/15 until 6am.


All ADR booking opens at 6am ET. Looks like you tried at midnight perhaps, I think some time ago that was the case. And still is for “Enhanced Experiences”, like tours, droid and light sabre building etc.

Is your stay showing on MDE?

Also, try going onto the restaurant page and searching for availability from there. Sometimes searching from the front screen doesn’t work.

Everyone should have been able to book yesterday for 3/14.

Honestly, dining is so glitchy. For the app I woukd shut it completely down and reopen (I can see the 15th today). On the website I would try a private or incognito browser.

Thanks so much for the reply!

I understand that booking opens up at 6am est. However, if I am arriving for a stay on 3/15 and touring plans is saying I should be able to start booking on 1/14 at 6am - then yesterday I should have been able to book something for 3/14 since it was after 6am and I couldn’t.

Either there is a glitch on the page or touring plans is wrong and I can only start ADR booking for my stay on 3/15 on 1/15 at 6am.

Touring plans is right. It is an issue in your end. I can see 3-15 ready to open (blue) in MDE, although it is too early to book. Your dates should be open in MDE now, but maybe not bookable.

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Are you using the app or website?

I was able to book Skipper’s Canteen on the website for the 14th March before 6am ET today. I didn’t try the app.

I selected Skipper’s first and searched from within that page, not from the first page where you can select the park and filters.

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

I was able to book everything for 3/15 onwards and got the reservations I wanted/needed.

I do think the site was glitchy initially. I’m glad it all worked out!