ADR for Tusker House on EMH?

Hello Everyone

This is my first trip to WDW!!! I will be traveling with my DH, DS(8), DD(6) during Feb 7-13 2016.

I was planning on a 8am ADR for Tusker House so we can enter AK before RD but now it’s an EMH!
Should I keep my plan or schedule my ADR for around 10am so we can do Everest, Safari, Tree of Life before we eat then schedule a FP to do Everest again that day? What are your thoughts? Any other suggestions?

I would recommend the later option. Take advantage of EMH and then enjoy brunch! If you make your reservation around 10:30 or 10:45, you should get to enjoy breakfast AND lunch items.


Ditto what momspirit said

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Im hoping that we’ll be able to plan to do what is being suggested. I’m looking forward to doing Tusker house brunch.

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I just made our ADR’s this morning which included Tusker House @ 10:10! Thank You!!

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