ADR for near closing time


Wondering if I make a ADR for 9:25, with a 9:30 closing time at DHS, will we be able to make it to Sci-Fi after a 9pm Fantasmic for desserts? Thoughts? How do ADR this close to a closing time work?


Dinner that late worked out very well for us. Less of a crowd inside. A CM came around and asked each table whether they were driving or taking a bus. Since we went by bus, they made sure there was a bus to take us back to the resort. When we were done, a CM walked us to the bus. It was quite cool.


I should mention that we finished about 10:45 or so. I think we were the last customers in the park.


That must have been the coolest thing- leaving a near empty park at the end of the day! We have an 8:45 CRT Dinner res on a 9 p.m. close MK day on our arrival day this summer- I'm secretly torn on whether I want them to extend park hours that night!


It was pretty cool not dealing with crowds, and the bus ride was quite peaceful since we were the only people on it. :slight_smile: I can see why you're torn!