ADR For Groups Arriving On Different Days

My wife and I are going to Disney 3 days before the rest of my family. I’ll be making the ADR’s first. Am I able to book our whole party? While I’m thinking of it, what about FPP?

Yes, you should have no issues booking for everyone who will be eating with you. FPP is a little different, you can only reserve FPP for people linked to your MDE.

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You can book ADRs without having tickets or hotel reservations. So yes! You’ll be able to make whatever ADRs you want and for however many people.

If you have everyone linked to your MDE, I think you can make everyone FP together unless you’re booking at 60 days but not all guests are eligible (staying onsite). And you’d have to wait until 60 days out from their arrival.

Thanks guys.

As @Cgerres said, make sure you are all linked.

Do you all have a package, or did you book rooms and link tickets separately (even if the tickets were bought from Disney)?

If the tickets are separate, you will be able to book everyone’s FPs at your 60 day mark.

If those arriving after you are on a package, it is still worth trying but it is likely that you’ll need to wait until 60 days out from their package start date. (This is one of the big draw-backs of package stays, although a bigger one with the new tickets is that you can not activate them early anymore).

If anyone is staying offsite, they will have separate tickets and you can book for them at your 60 day mark.

One warning though. The new date-based tickets are less flexible. You won’t be able to book FPs for any dates outside their validity period. But the 60 day mark is unchanged

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Thank you