ADR for Feb. 2018 trip - where to go with teens

My dh, 19 year dd and 13 year old ds and I are going in Feb. 2018. I would like to make at least three ADRs for our family. I am trying to decide which experiences would be best for our two teens. I would like us to have at least one experience like having reservations during a fireworks show or maybe the luau. I would love to do one special breakfast also. I would appreciate any suggestions. BTW, we went in 2014 but had to book only 1 month ahead of time so we were not able to reserve any special dining. Honestly, this far in advance, I may book more, but am overwhelmed at where to begin. The only thing that I know I will book is the sci-fi diner (dd’s request). We are staying at the Art of Animation for 7 nights. We have 6 day park hopper passes. What are some of the most beloved (wiith older kids in mind) dinners? Thanks so much!

One of my favorite things, since I was a kid, is dinner on the World Showcase with a view of illuminations. In my younger teenage days, I loved Rose & Crown - safe menu and I couldn’t wait to go to real England. Just this past June my husband and I really enjoyed Spice Road Table. Though Moroccan, the menus is not overly adventurous. I’ve also heard that one of the restaurants at Mexico has a great view. If book a 7:20-7:40 you can request to wait for a table with a view at these locations, but if one doesn’t pull through you’ll still have time to eat and then get a spot to watch the fireworks (I lined up FPs late in the day to have on standby in case we didn’t get a table).

Another really good experience this past trip was leaving MK to go to the Grand Floridian (Citrico’s) for dinner before returning to the park for fireworks on Main Street. All the monorail resorts have delicious dinner options, and it was great to take a little break, have a delicious dinner and then return to watch HEA from Main Street. With more grown up humans, finding perfect t viewing locations can be a little easier (height no as big of an issue). So we had no problem arriving at about 8:40 and still finding a good spot.

I generally advise against trying to do FW and dinner at the same time; there are just too many uncontrollable factors. The one exception is CG for the MK FW; no matter what table you get, you can go out on the deck to watch. Narcoosee’s might be another option as they also have a viewing deck. But HEA is very dependent on castle projections, which you’re just not going to be able to see if you’re not on MS.

R&C is the only EP location I would consider for IllumiNations; just not enough window seats in the other places, and too much of a crap shoot of getting one. I much prefer to enjoy a dinner and then find a nice location for IllumiNations. I always recommend BG and VN for EP dining. BG is a huge buffet where there are plenty of choices, and the entertainment is fun. VN has hands-down the best pizza in WDW - and some of the best I’ve had anywhere.

In DHS HBD has the best food by far, but 50s is probably the most fun. I’ve never had a “bad” meal at MM; the pizza is actually quite good. Sci-Fi is a cool concept that the kids might enjoy, but I find the food to be average, at best (great milk shakes, though). I believe all of the TSs offer Fantasmic dining packages which, in my opinion, is the only way to see Fantasmic. QS in DHS is notoriously mediocre; I pretty much only eat TS and have snacks there.

I’m not a big breakfast fan, but I love lunch at Tusker House in AK, and if you are interested in a CM, this is probably the most “mature” of them. Again, a buffet, so it’s pretty easy to find something everyone will like. Y&Y is decent (actually, the seared ahi salad is one of my favorite lunches in WDW), but there’s nothing inherently “fun” about it. The food at Tiffins gets universally outstanding reviews, if you want signature dining (it’s number one on my list for my next trip). Both TH and Tiffins offer ROL dining packages, so that is something to consider.

I am not partial to any of the MK dining options. I’m looking forward to trying Skippers Canteen; the menu looks interesting, the setting pretty unique, and the CM servers tell a lot of corny jokes (similar to the JC). BOG is beautiful inside, but I found lunch to be very meh; haven’t tried the dinner there yet.

My boys love Hoop de Doo, and have done since they were pe-teens.

A special breakfast? Do you mean a character breakfast or a pe park opening one, or both. Most of the special breakfasts are character dining, so then you just need to work out which characters they would prefer. And in park or resort?

My family really enjoys this as well. It is just so much fun and the food is YUM!

My teenage daughter loves Ohana. The first time we were there I had a reservation right before Wishes started. We were lucky enough to have a table by the window so we were able to see both the electrical parade and Wishes. They pipe in the music so you can enjoy the show. The food is also fantastic! She has three requests every trip, Ohana, breakfast at Tusker House, and breakfast at Crystal Palace (she really loved Winnie the Pooh as a child). Have a great vacation!

Great Advice! Thanks! We went in 2014 and stopped randomly and ordered fish and chips. That was the best unplanned meal. Delicious. I like your idea about grabbing dinner then heading back to watch fireworks. In 2014, everything was last minute so by the time closing came and parades and fireworks, we were so tired. We would leave before and eat at a restaurant outside of Disney even though we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Thanks. I will be writing down all of these suggestions. I felt soooo overwhelmed but we are about 210 days out and I think I’m getting a handle on things :slight_smile:

We have teenage DDs (17,15 and 15) - over the last few years there favourites have been 50s, Y&Y, Raglan Road, Citricos, and CG. For breakfast they like Crystal Palace and for a special show they like HDDR.

Raglan Road was a nice surprise for us. We made an impromptu trip there when we went for dinner on our first night. Good food and very fun atmosphere

I agree with the above about RR; it’s one of my favorites in all of WDW. Great food, drink, atmosphere, and entertainment. I didn’t mention it above because I had the feeling you were looking for in-park and/or fireworks recommendations.

Thanks for the suggestions. I would have never thought of RR or Citrico’s. I will definitely throw those into the mix. I think in 2014 we ate at Yak & Yeti which was nice. My husband and I took our daughter (then only 3 so she doesn’t remember) to 50’s Café and we loved it. I wouldn’t mind doing that again also.

BOG, Ohana, and 50’s were my favorites during our last trip. They were all dinners. Went with my mom, dad, and sister (17).

I think you hit the nail on the head! I would love to do those as well. Thanks!

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I just told my 19 yr old about O’hana. I had forgotten that she was/is a huge Stich fan so we will definitely be booking this one!

Just to remind you that only breakfast is a character meal, in case you didn’t realise. :smile:

Already looked it up. 19 yr. old approved. lol.

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We like 1900 Park Fare for a great breakfast. It’s at the Grand Floridian and is a HUGE buffet, but with omelets cooked to order and more food than you can imagine. Very good quality food, lots of it.

The characters are the Best, though, especially for teens, at least mine enjoyed it several times. The Mad Hatter, who is hilarious, Alice, Mary Poppins, maybe others, but those are the best. Highly recommend - the characters come to the tables, very low key, they can take pictures, or not.

Have fun!

That sounds really good. I’ve always wanted to check out the Grand Floridian. I think my kids would absolutely love having that breakfast with the characters you mentioned. I’ve gotten so many great tips. Now, I just have to figure out how to make it all fit in one trip.