ADR for closed restaurants

Hi all,
So I was up bright and early- dark and early really- today at 2:45 am since my 60 day dining window opened. I am tired, but it was worth it as I got everything I wanted, except for arrival day dinner at Beaches and Cream. I guess Ill have to keep an eye on that one.

My question is- I would possibly like to eat at Tusker House which is supposed to open in Summer, and maybe Hoop De Doo, which has no set opening, but it’s rumored to be opening soon. When I use the Touring Plans tool for reservation opening alerts for Beaches and Cream it’s no problem to put in the request. – On a side note- let’s say I do get a notice of availability, I wonder how long I’ll have to actually go to the DW site and reserve it as I’m sure it won’t be available long?

But when I try to put in a request for TH or HDD, Touring Plans says that the restaurants are closed so there’s no option to request an availability alert. So any advice on that. Like, Disney could open the restaurants, but by the time I find out those rez’s may be long gone. Is it just something to keep an eye on daily? It’s not like, here’s your 60 day start date at 3 am, this seems like it would be a free for all once they open it up?


Here’s the line-up - I’m pretty excited ab it.

Arrival- Planet Hollywood but hoping for Beaches Cream or possibly Hoop DE Doo if open.
Open to any arrival dinner suggestions with 2 boys 6 and 9.

AK- Hoping for Tusker House breakfast when they open it- Capture moment pic rez
MK- Plaza Restaurant- lunch
DS- Hotel/ Pool day then T rex- dinner
Epcot Day- Topolino BF, SAI dinner
HS- SCI FI dinner
MK Day 2- Chef Mickey BF, BOG dinner- capture moment pic rez

The fast pass option was there next to dining, but when I clicked it just redirected me, now it’s gone…

As always thanks for any advice

So far (so far!) they have announced a reopening date as well as a date at which time reservations can begin to be made

Hoping this holds true.

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Oh really I didnt see that ?

Yes, like this:

Oh cool- Thanks- always a big help :slight_smile:

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My pleasure! :slight_smile:

Depends on which ADR you’re looking for. I got three different alerts about Sanaa on a Saturday night. My fastest click was within two seconds and it was already gone. I think I once got a BoG after about a two or three minute delay, but yeah… you have to scoop them up FAST.


Wow thats really fast to be gone already- but good to know thanks

There can be delays for emails to propagate through the email systems and/or phone data if you’re using your phone, so that by the time you see the email, it might be a minute or more after others received the same email. So, the 2 seconds might really have been 1 minute 2 seconds as far as you are aware.

So, you need to be fast…but in cases of 2 seconds…it probably was already gone before you even got the email.

Even with texts I hit the link immediately and have encountered it wrong

The person getting the text or email is not the only one. Just matters fastest finger.

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Yep. Totally forgot to mention that. I do it all through texting so I get an immediate alert and have never had problems with my service. But for TP alerts, I think they’re only checking once an hour anyhow, right? It’s not like they have bots scanning for any immediate openings at every second. So yeah, being fast is key. But also probably checking yourself every now and again too.


Oh, right. Texts. I was only thinking emails!

This is a fine point. I am sure that openings for reservations open up much more frequently than the TP tool actual finds because by the time TP checks, someone else found the reservation and booked it.

But IF TP sends the alert, that means at least at the moment it was sent, there was availability. So at that point, the race is on!

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If you get an alert and don’t manage to get the ADR via the link, always go onto the MDE app / WDW website and try and book it normally.

Being in the U.K. I only get the email alert and never manage to book via the link. But I’ve almost always managed to book by going onto the website.

And if you don’t get it, remember to restart the request.