ADR for any QS?

So we have hotel and tickets booked for March 2020. In the past we have always had a dining plan but maybe trying without this time and focusing on QS meals without the restrictions of reservation times-going to rely on mobile ordering when we are hungry. I think we can really save money this way. I would like to reserve BOG for a possible pre park opening spot. Are there any other QS restaurants that I would need to make a 180 ADR for? Thanks!

That’s the only one. ABC commissary in HS now takes ADRs for dinner but I do t know if they are necessary. No other QS takes reservations. You will definitely need one for BOG.

Okay, thanks. That’s what I was thinking. This is new territory for me. I have always in the past been the person on MDE furiously making ADRs at 180 days at 5am our time. We have done many of the major character meals in the past (which DS10 was less enchanted with this past trip this summer), and DH would like to try a much more relaxed pace trip next time.

What about anything in SWGE? Oga’s??

Yes, OgA’s needs an ADR. Forgot about that.

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There are also 2 QS in AK that take reservations- Pizzafari do a family style dinner and Restauratosaurus do a burgers and ice cream sundaes dinner. You can still eat at both these places without a reservation but the ADRs are for a separate fixed menu. Both are 1QS credit