ADR for 7 people in the time of Corona?

So is this even a thing? We have a 2 Br villa in BRV and I’m up way to early for someone not going to work who’s kids are still asleep to book ADR for our October trip. All the times are 2:30 pm etc nothing prime blast lunch or dinner. Is it bc of my party size? Do I have to call them? Should I make two a ressie for 4 now and then call and add my other 3 people over the phone ? Help a newbie out please!

Very few places accept parties of seven. We had seven for our trip, and there were only about 6 places we could book. Homecomin’ was one of them. Other places just don’t allow parties of that size right now.

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Oh man. I was afraid of that. I booked ressies for 4 and am chatting with cast member now about adding ppl to it so :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: if we are all staying in the same place I’m hoping they will help

Could you split your party and book two ADRs for 3/4? We had to do that pre-COVID for a few places with our party of 8.


Agree with the above. 7 is impossible to get even in regular times. Better to split to smaller groups and ask on arrival for seating near to one another. Or look for table for 8

I don’t know if I can split my party if we are all under the same confirmation number since I booked the stay for 7 ppl? I’m going to ask (if these kids ever nap so I can call!!!)

You don’t need a hotel stay to make a reservation

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Hmmm, I don’t have tickets yet so I was assuming that’s why it would let me book

If you are within 60 days you can book a reservation. If you’re more than 60 days out you have to wait. If you are onsite you can book 60+10. If you’re not, you have to book one day at a time, 60 days ahead.


For anyone following this, I booked my spots for a party of 4 this morning at 6 am when my ADR window opened. Then I called and spoke to a cast member who took my existing reservations and added on 3 more people to the same/very close time (usually within 15 min) and told me to show up at the earlier time and just ask to be seated near each other. Was able to have a lot more choices in reservations that way (BOG and Sci Fi never showed up when I had a party of more than 4!) Just passing it on!


When booking for our large group last year I usually made reservations for 5. This allows for easier adding of a person or two if necessary. I made 3 or 4 reservations for each restaurant. Sometimes times were not exactly the same but close. This trip looked like being the first one folks would actually venture off on their own.

When at WDW, things changed. Having the many reservations worked well. Sometimes we’d go from 3 tables to 2. With folks changing plans.
At Crystal Palace check in they cancelled our two reservations and made one big reservation. I think that was the only restaurant to do that. At 1900 Park Fare we sat at 2 tables near each other. Some restaurants would just seat us at the same table. Some of the easiest big group dining we’d had.

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