ADR for 11 people

I am booking ADRs for 11 people. My ADR date is Aug. 1 for our Jan. 28 trip. I am trying to book the following restaurants:
60+1 Skipper Canteen (lunch) Coral Reef,
60+2 50’s Prime Time (lunch) and Las Hacienda,
60+3 Chef Mickey’s (b’fast) and Be Our Guest (dinner),
60+4 'Ohana (dinner), and
60+5 Cali Grill (hopefully during fireworks).

Do all of these restaurants take ADRs for 11? Which is going to be the most difficult to get and I should schedule first when my ADR window opens? Will I be able to all of the reservations online (or will I need to call)?

As a test, I picked the furthest date out available and searched reservations…just to see how it looked with 11 people (I’ve never booked for that many). You can currently get Prime Time, La Hac, Chef Mickey, Skipper Canteen with ease. Ohana only has very early dinner reservations available for that many…and Coral Reef, BOG, and Cali are unavailable. So, I would focus on those first when your window opens.
I tend to call just to be safe and while I’m waiting on hold I do what I can online.
I would imagine BOG can easily take 11, I’ve never been to Cali or Coral, so I do not know about those.
Good luck!

I have booked 12 at chef mickeys. 10 at other places. You could always try a practice reservation and then cancel it.

If there aren’t reservations for 11, could you try two tables at the same time, one for 6 and the other for 5, then when you arrive, ask to be seated together? Or is that frowned upon?