ADR finder - what should I set my time parameters for PPO BOG

I have an ADR finder set for BOG PPO breakfast. I have it set for 8am and I know that time is hard to find. I keep getting alerts for 8:30 or later. Should I change it to 7:30? I thought I read somewhere that it looks for an hour window? My trip isn’t until Sept so I have some time. I already have an 8:20 scheduled but wanted to bump it up since there were a few reports of people not being let in until 5 min before ressie. Thanks!

It does look for an hour before and an hour after. I would set it for 7.30.


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If doesn’t let you or at least it told me 8am opening so I couldn’t request an earlier time. I tried recently. I just kept resetting the finder and eventually got it.

I was able to change it to 7:30 so I will wait and see what happens I guess. :slight_smile:

I’ve just set one for 7.30.