ADR Family & Friends booking

We fly out for a 2 weeks holiday on the 21st August staying on site so we can book our dining reservations at 180 days my Sister fly’s out the week before on the 14th August also staying on site so she can book her ADR next week will she be able to book us all in for dining reservation on the 21st August because this will fall in her 180+10
We have 5 people in our party and she as 4 so she would need to book 9’people even though my ADR would not start till week after hope this makes sense

Yes she doesn’t have to specify who is in the party, she’ll just book it for 9.

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Thank you for quick response

Would the dining reservation show in both out plans or just my sisters?

both, as long as you are linked as friends within disney experience

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Thanks first time I have ever shared planning on a Disney trip I usually do all the planning so taken out my comfort zone not looking forward to the fast pass part if she doesn’t get what we won’t :sob: It will be a long 14 days lol

Try and think about it as a bonus, when your window opens up you can still change things. Maybe she can give you her login details.

Mmmmmmm that’s a thought :+1: