Any suggestions for the new restaurants. Thinking Tiffins but not sure what else to try. Traveling with son who hasn’t been for 10 years. We went while he was at college.

Tiffins is amazing! Are you going to Disney Springs? There are so many very good new choices there.

Yes this. Have not heard anything but praise about both Homecomin’ and Paddlefish specifically

I want the ROL Tiffins. Maybe Frontera Grill or Homecoming

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Tiffins and Homecoming, definitely. I also like Hollywood Brown Derby as it feels like a grown up place, and Crews Cup is great as well. I am excited to try the new place in Pandora as well, it is quick service.

I never say HBD but I must admit I love it!

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I ate at the lounge at HBD. I did get Beaches and Cream even though my son and I couldn’t do a kitchen sink.


Son also wanted to go to WCC. I planned that for a day MK doesn’t have a party so we could go to the park afterwards. I have a homecoming ressie but may drop it for a Tiffins ROL package.

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