ADR Day this week

I’m trying not to stress. Anywhere I get will be fine because we will be at Disney. Here’s what I’m vying for and order I’ll try:

BOG PPO - day 7
Chef Mickey dinner - day 1 (If not available I will skip to next TS instead of figuring it out)
Sci FI - dinner or lunch - day 5
Crystal Palace dinner - day 7
Ohana breakfast - day 4
Chef Mickey dinner - day 4 if I didn’t get day 1
1900 Park Fare dinner - day 4 if I did get CM for day 1
Tusker House - dinner or lunch - day 6
Via Napoli - dinner or lunch - day 3
The Wave dinner if no CM on day 1
HEA dessert party day 2

Does this plan seem ok? There’s always the reservation finder if we figure out we really want something we didn’t get. I’m going to try not to sweat not getting reservations either. Any other sage advice?

I think I would move ‘Ohana up (no lower than 3) and although it may not even be available yet to book and may not be hard, I would ensure that HEA is available on the night you want?

Thank you for your input. I’ve moved it up. If I were going for dinner, it would be first place reservation, but dd wants to meet Stitch.

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