ADR Day Question

My ADR day is rapidly approaching - less than two weeks away! I’m stressing a little because I still haven’t finalized which parks we’re going to each day since the crowd levels keep fluctuating, but I think I have a general plan in place. Below is a preliminary list of my ADR venues. Which of these should be a priority? Which should I not stress about (i.e., availability day of)?

Thanks in advance!

  • Be Our Guest
  • Teppan Edo
  • Rainforest Cafe (AK)
  • Mama Relrose’s
  • Yachtsman Steakhouse
  • Paddlefish

Probably stress over this one.

Do not stress over this one, especially if you have a Landry’s card.

I can’t really speak to the rest, though I don’t think Mama Melrose requires much stress.

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This is the easiest, but I would still recommend getting an ADR once you know your AK park day. If you can’t find anything on MDE, then call the restaurant directly (since this is not a WDW owned restaurant). I have had success making a res there by calling even when MDE said noting was available. Also, as noted by the prior poster, people have had success same-day at Rainforest by obtaining a Landry’s card prior to the trip. I have always had an res so never tried using my Landry’s card without a res.

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In order of priority

#1 BOG
#2 Teppan Edo
#3 Yachtsman

The rest are easy to get - especially if you are flexible on the times.

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For the restaurants that are in the park, particularly Be Our Guest, I would hoard a few days of reservations until plans firm up.

For our trip next month (in 21 days), at 180 days, I couldn’t get CA Grill for Day 1. That screwed up my “plans”. After calming down, I realized that Day 1 wouldn’t be the best option anyway. I’m happily hoarding a couple of days of CA Grill reservations for different times. Yesterday, we finally decided which day works best for us. Some guests will happily snap up the CA Grill reservations I will be dropping!


ADR Day is now under my belt - I got all my desired reservations (yippee!), plus a couple extra while I’m making a decision:

The Essentials:

  • BOG lunch
  • Oga’s Cantina
  • Teppan Edo
  • Yachtsman date night

Pretty Sure:

  • Homecomin’ dinner
  • Rainforest Cafe (AK)

Still deciding:

  • Coral Reef lunch: seems a bit pricey considering how little my kids eat, but fish are cool. Also don’t want to wait to be seated - I’ve seen posts complaining about this in the past.
  • PPO Akershus breakfast: I’m thinking of canceling since a fixed price for my kids is ridiculous. They are nibblers. Only reason would be for the character interactions and PPO access. Might be better off with Garden Grill (cheaper and less exotic food), though the characters there aren’t as appealing. More likely just skip PPO. I’m just proud I managed to get 8:05am!

If anyone has any tips on whether I should dump these or swap for something else, I’m all Ears. :wink:

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Do not drop Homecomin’ unless you are absolutely sure you do not want to have dinner there. It’s incredibly difficult to get. And … the food is amazing.