ADR day is here AGAIN

@MagicFinder Yea!! So excited for you!! I’m guessing they have added some. I’m excited to get one also!!

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Yeah, I thought about doing that. The final night was an after thought, where after we booked my husband and I kept going back and forth “Should we add another night? Maybe? I don’t know… SURE!” So I tried to extend FtW and ran into complications with the website, decided CBR was cheaper anyway and has a cool pool so booked it. Then Chef Mickey’s (My kids’ absolute favorite place in the world… yay…) announced they were doing characters again right on that day, so that got added to our list. In all, I’m just kind of rolling with it. But then I’m not used to “just rolling with it” so I start to stress out :crazy_face:

That is really good advice though