ADR Day in the Morning - Please Review

So, I want to be sure that I do these in the correct order. However, I was looking this morning at restaurants I wanted to go to that were 180 days today, and all of them were still available, so I don’t think I am going to miss out on any. Not doing CRT or BOG. Do you think these are in the correct order for trying to reserve? I’m picking Crystal Palace first because that has been the hardest for me in the past, and it is DD16’s specific choice on her birthday. Since it doesn’t look like Artist Pointe has any bookings, we are reserving Citricos, and I will change to Artist Pointe if it becomes available.

Priority	Date	Meal	Restaurant	Time	DP
1	12/26 	Lunch	Crystal Palace	12:30 pm	1
2	12/26	Dinner	Artist Pointe	8:00 pm	2
3	12/23	Dinner	Akershus	7:00 pm	1
4	12/28	Brunch	Akershus	10:50 am	1
5	12/27	Lunch	Le Cellier	2:00 pm	2
6	12/24	Lunch	Tiffin RoL Pkg	11:00 pm	2
7	12/24	Dinner	Jiko	10:00 pm	2
8	12/25	Lunch	Sanaa	11:30 am	1
9	12/25	Dinner	Biergarten	8:30 pm	1
10	12/27	Dinner	Chefs de France	8:00 pm	1
11	12/23	Lunch	Coral Reef	10:50 am	1
12	12/26	Breakfast	The Wave	7:30 am	OOP
13	12/28	Dinner	Raglan Road	6 or 7	1

I’m not any help, but I like your spreadsheet. Good idea to make that up beforehand. I’ve got a vague idea of which ones to reserve first, but great idea to post and double check.

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No advice except on my ADR day, CP didn’t open up until later that day. It may be because I was looking for a dinner though. So if it’s not available first thing, just keep searching.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Thanks! Whatever I can’t get I will set up in the reservation finder (as long as I only have two I can’t get). :slight_smile:

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I don’t have much advice your choices, but on my ADR day I called in using a similar spreqdsheet at 7 am and got everything I wanted. Our Ohana was a little earlier than I wanted, but the CM was super helpful and could search a lot more stuff a lot faster than I could (split tables and a wide variety of times).

How did it go?

I was able to get everything except Artist Pointe (which didn’t surprise me in the least, they aren’t booking right now, apparently). I had to switch Biergarten and Chefs de France because Biergarten was grayed our on Christmas Day. Not a big deal.