ADR Day Friday

I am thinking these are the table service meals that I am looking at, any feedback is appreciated. We are on the DDP and will be there for close to 8 full days. Traveling party is DH, DD4 (4th birthday on our trip), DD5 and myself (Also celebrating my birthday there). First trip for everyone but me but last time I was there was 2000.


Hollywood & Vine
Tusker House
Bon Voyage
Chef Mickey

Also potentially adding in 2 EMM so that may alter things a little there


Sci Fi
Garden Grill
Crystal Palace or maybe 1900 Park Fare


Raglan Road
Artist Point
Yeti and Yak
Beirgraten or maybe Coral Reef

Everyone’s trip reports and reviews keep giving me new ideas…

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Are you on the deluxe plan?

Yes we are

7 nights? That’s a lot of meals! Wow! Great variety!

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Both of my girls are really good eaters and are not picky at all so I wanted to take that to my advantage. My husband finally started asking questions about the dining plan and meal planning today. We did not get much further than my general idea of later breakfasts or earlier lunches and how many credits some of the things he knows I really want to do are (BOG dinner, CRT) and he had mentioned doing one of the dinner shows after he read something from our travel agent, but it was progress from his general indifference so far.


With the deluxe plan I like to do more signature or 2 credit meals but you have 3. You also have lots of buffets! The issue with other TS (Yak and Yeti, Sanaa, Raglan) is that you add appetizers to those meals.


Yeah I was explaining to DH all the food we can get and I think he was more than a little surprised

You’ve got all the character meals planned! I would reserve Storybook Dining and CRT first and then any PPO breakfasts.

That’s at least 2 TS meals per day and 3 on another. I’m not sure I could do that much sit-down dining (or eating!), especially with kids. We will be at Disney for 8 nights and we have 10 TS + BOG lunch QS booked and worried it will be too much. Remember that character meals and signature dining often take 90 minutes and regular TS often take 75 and some restaurants always seem to be running late, just so you will allot enough time in your plans. Enjoy–you’ve got lots of good places there (been to all except Biergarten and Bon Voyage).:slight_smile:

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CRT is first on my list to hit Friday morning because I really want to do that on my daughter’s birthday. While I have a general idea of when I am thinking we will do the other parks if I need to move things around to different days I am a little more flexible on that.

I am hoping the sit down meals will help my kids slow down a little throughout the day but we will see how that will go.

I never realized all the different places that there were to eat!

Do you get an appetizer for each person on TS meals with the DDP?

Will your girls be scared or grossed out by the movies in Sci-Fi? I liked all of the restaurants that I have been to on your list (Ohana, Yak & Yeti, Coral Reef), but that was about 7 years ago.

Only with the deluxe plan. You do not get an appetizer with the regular (1 table serve, one quick service, 2 snacks). The deluxe plan (3 table service credits, two snacks a day) does include appetizers - one per person.

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Wow! I didn’t realize. Even without that, that is too much food for me. I did the 1 TS, 1 QS, 1 snack the last time I was there, and that was too much, although I would have liked to have been able to get an appetizer a few times… I did pay OOP once.

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I love signature dinners and with the deluxe plan it can save you money but it is a lot of food!


DD and I went to Biergarten in December. It was absolutely delicious. You share a table with other people, though. The band plays, and it was a lot of fun. They had the grapefruit beer there, and it’s covered by the DxDP

We’ve been to Coral Reef as well. It’s a must-do for us. Our last time there they sat us next to the aquarium.

The Bon Voyage breakfast was superb!

Raglan Road is our absolute favorite.

Sanaa is our newfound favorite. We went twice. Got the same table right next to the window.

Just keep in mind that three meals a day is a LOT of food: appetizer, entree, dessert. I see you have some 2 credit meals there. That’s good. We tried to have two meals a day this past trip because three meals in one day just ate up our day.


I think there is only 1 day that I have 3 meals planned and it is more because I was trying to fit things in,

Raglan Road was not even on my radar before these boards but once I heard all the rave reviews I had to check it out and it became a must do for me.

Biergarten is on my list more for nostalgia and I am still debating if we would rather Coral Reef - I am thinking the girls would love the aquariums…

Sanaa ended up on my list from your trip reports. I knew I only had time in the plans for either Boma or Sanaa and had to choose one over the other.

If it was just DH and me I would have probably picked out more Signature meals but figured for two young girls on their first trip hitting as many character meals as possible would make their trip.

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