ADR day fast approaching

I’ve been checking MDE to see how reservations work as my ADR booking day is approaching. I searched for a reservation for the furthest day possible (end of July) and found no space for three days running. I am starting to get concerned that booking ADRs is not going to be an easy task!
To anyone who has recently booked - have you had difficulties getting the restaurant/times you were hoping for? I have a back up restaurant for each day apart from my wedding anniversary which we would really like at a particular restaurant. I will be ready to book at opening time online (11am here in the UK).

I was able to get all my ADRs for an upcoming 9 day trip in June except for Homecomin’ (which seemed weird to me but I set a TP reservation finder and snagged it a few weeks later). And my ADRs were popular places (CG brunch, V&A, Storybook at AP, 'Ohana, BOG plus more). I think you will successful.

I’ve never had any trouble getting ADRs. If you tell us what you want to book and on which day, we can help you out with the order to book them in.


Thanks v much. We’re in Disney for 14 nights so, as I understand it, I can only book the first 10 days then one day at a time after that. Ok, here we go…
Arrival day - quick service so no booking
Day 1 - Beach Club Cape May Cafe character breakfast
day 2 - HS 50s Prime Time at lunchtime
Day 3 - Epcot Rose & Crown (hoping for 7.30pm so we can watch fireworks)
Day 4 - Ale & Compass at Yacht Club evening
Day 5 - Boardwalk Trattoria Al Forno evening
Day 6 - HS Sci Fi Diner lunchtime
Day 7 - quick service only
Day 8 - Epcot Chefs de France evening
Day 9 - Epcot Tutti Italia evening
Day 10 - Epcot Le Cellier Steakhouse
Day 11 - Epcot Rose and Crown evening
Day 12 - Epcot Garden Grill character breakfast
Day 13.- MK Crystal Palace evening
Day 14 - Boardwalk Trattoria Al Forno breakfast before checking out :frowning:
If Space 220 opens soon I hope to book this and change one of my Epcot options but I’ll book what I can for now. Any tips would be much appreciated.

Couple of things…

Rose & Crown - Have they eliminated the flat-fee fireworks show seating and gone back to requesting? If not, unless you specifically book the fireworks viewing package that hope may be futile. (Unless you are cool with possibly going to the side patio for viewing if they still offer that.)

Le Cellier - Based on my current experience, do not be surprised if it is not loaded yet. I am at 168 days out and it is still not loaded.

Thanks - I had no idea there was a dinner package to watch the fireworks, it wasn’t mentioned in the Unofficial Guide. In that case I’ll probably book around 6.30/7pm.and watch the fireworks from the lake!

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Do you think Le Cellier is not listed because it’s not taking part in 2020 dining plan? Just wondering if I should book somewhere else as it’s our anniversary dinner and would like somewhere special. I was thinking about the Contemporary and watching MK fireworks from viewing area but decided to opt for Le Cellier as it’s more casual dress.

No because people not on the dining plan still have to make ADRs. It is apparently par for the course for it not to be loaded at 180 days right now.

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Contemporary is casual, even more casual than business casual. We’ve been their twice. Last month, 2 of us were in black pants and 2 were in jeans. Everyone was wearing a tshirt. I had on a Disney sweat shirt. The time before, were had on shorts and collared shirts.

Other options include Yachtman’s at Yacht Club, citricos at GF, and Flying Fish at the Boardwalk. All have delicious steaks.

ADRs are no big deal to me anymore. I got all of ours for our May trip without an issue. Still waiting on Space 220 though. Fastpasses on the other hand are a different story.


I think you will probably be okay from the list! Remember that you can use the Reservation Finder tool if you don’t the place or time you want, too. I got all of my ADRs when I booked at 180 days, but then I kept changing my mind or tweaking plans, and the reservation finder helped me get everything late in the planning process anyway :+1:t2:

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Thanks, my hubby is a bit reluctant to be wearing collared shirts in the August heat so good to know. In your opinion is it worth traveling over to the contemporary for the food and fireworks view or are other steak restaurants like Le Cellier just as good?

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I assume you’re talking about California Grill. I think most people would agree it’s better than Le Cellier. But there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a table where you can see the fireworks. I personally would choose the Yachtsman for a good steak, or Flying Fish.

Also as a fellow Brit, Rose and Crown isn’t that good and there are so many better options in Epcot.

You don’t have anything there that will be too difficult to get so I don’t think the order matters much.

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Thanks. I might provisionally book Yachtsman if Le Cellier isn’t available when I book ADRs and change it at a later date.

I booked ours two weeks ago and had no problem whatsoever, getting every restaurant we wanted and around the time we wanted. We are doing the California Grill for the first time and so I booked that first. A number of the other restaurants on your list are on our list. The only one that looks iffy might be LeCellier. I’d grab that one first as soon as your window opens.

I am really torn between doing California Grill and another restaurant on our anniversary. To watch the fireworks from there looks amazing but we’re planning monorail rides around the resorts during the day and MK early start the next day and don’t know if it’s too much going backwards and forwards!
My hubby doesn’t mind, he’d just like somewhere a bit special for dinner. Neither of us are keen on dressing up to much (although it has been mentioned that dress code appears to be relaxed at CG now), and we also have kids in tow (13 and 8) so not worried about a quiet, intimate dinner (those days are.gone!!).

It’s not been relaxed, all the signatures outside the parks have the same dress code. It’s just not particularly dressy, and isn’t really enforced. As long as you don’t wear anything from the ‘not permitted’ list, you will be fine. That doesn’t cover much, and even flip flops which are on the list will likely be allowed.

CG is not a steak restaurant. In December, the only steak on the menu was filet. If you are looking for steak, then go to Yachtman or Le Celliar.

We love the food at CG, even the kids. It’s a different view of fireworks. They do pipe in the music. But I wouldn’t substitute this with viewing fireworks from Main Street. I have to see fireworks once per trip from Main Street.

If you are planning to RD MK the next day, a CG dinner and fireworks can be rough. It took the Lyft driver 35 minutes to come pick us up at the Contemporary after fireworks. Normal wait time was 1-5 minutes.

Thanks everyone, I’m going to opt for Le Cellier or yachtsman.

For what it’s worth, my wife and I think the food at CG is the best at WDW and rates up there top restaurants in NYC, Chicago and SF. We have had some amazing meals there. It’s the only restaurant at WDW we feel that way about. Note - We have not been to V&A’s.