ADR day fast approaching!

Was looking at my calendar and realized my ADR day is this Sunday! I’ve been kind of rethinking our which day/which park plan…help me stay on track, or let me know if I’m missing a big mistake!
Tuesday-AK (Monday & Tuesday might switch if I can get FOP FPP on Monday)
Wednesday/Thursday-Epcot & MK depends on ADR for BOG
Friday-free to choose that day/night before
Saturday-departure/Disney Springs

The thing I’m second guessing - should we put HS/AK later in the trip and do our second days at MK &Epcot earlier in the week for FP sake? Should I make ADRs with the thought that once FPP day comes I may need to change them. Most won’t be difficult to change, but I assume BOG PPO is still pretty hard to get? Should I just stay with my original plan? :joy: all the second guessing!

Mine is Saturday—guess I’ll see you there in March :slight_smile:
What ADRs are you going to make? Besides the one BOG, do you have any super hard ADRs (CRT, CG fireworks, SciFI, B&C or other PPO times)? If not, you’ll probably be fine to switch things up for FPP if necessary.
Looks like FOP 60+4 is pretty common—the earliest I could find for 60+3 for my Oct trip was 330 but lots of later times were available. I have to get MDE around 3 so couldn’t do it. SDD on your HS day might be hard to come by, but who knows.

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We want to eat at CG, but are not 100% set on it and not really worried about seeing the fireworks from there anyway.
And the only PPO we want is BOG, and I wouldn’t be too sad to not get that, I expect Disney to change the hours some days that week due to spring break, so MK may be 8am open most days.

To me, your park day selections seem pretty spot on. Switching AK to Monday has the advantage of EMH, but then it also is considered busier that day, and so potentially less likely to get the FP. That makes it 60+2 instead of 60+3, which further makes Tuesday the better choice most likely.

You could, in theory, swap AK day for Thursday and put MK/Epcot on Tuesday. That gives you a 60+5.

Sat - MK
Sun - EP
Mon - HS
Tue - MK
Wed - EP
Thu - AK
Fri - ??

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I was able to get everything, no issues. I’m just going with the idea that most of our ADRs aren’t too difficult and we’ll be able to change them. I think only our MK days have ones I potentially won’t be able to change.

The question is, now what do I do until FPP day???

Work on your TPs putting in all of your FP info and making sure they pan out. Then make color-coded spreadsheets or graphic designs of your plans. Then scour the web for all the things you need for your trip.

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