ADR Day Fail

You guys, how did I forget about ADR day? I was only 3 hours late, but this was a practice FP+ Day and I failed, lol (totally joking). I’m not on the Dining Plan, so no real loss here. There were just a few things I was hoping for. I got the Trattoria al Forno Bon Voyage Breakfast at 11:15 I wanted but had to split our group of 9 into 2 groups. Does TaF even do reservations for 9? What is the likelihood I can get our 2 groups seated together? I am fully managing our group of 9 online myself. But when I split our group into 2, I had to choose another person as the contact for that group. Now it looks like I can’t alter that group’s resi. Any advice on this?

Also, did not get Ohana like I wanted. Hoping Resi Finder will help with that!

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Oh. I can relate. I missed my ADR day til very late in the day.
I’m sorry.
If you are a subscriber you can use ADR finder. It’s found me some.


I don’t have specific experience at TaF but we had two separate ADRs at AP and Y&Y for a party of 8. They were able to combine and seat us together both times.

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For future, if you right click to select the time you want to reserve and go through the confirmation process in a new tab, you can book simultaneous ADR’s with yourself as the lead on both of them. :slight_smile:

I’m sure you’ll get what you want. I got an ohana dinner for 6 at about 80 days, and BOG PPO too. Patience!


Thanks for the tip!

You’re welcome!

Would the other person trust you with their MDE password? I sometimes book overlapping ADRs - one under my name, one under my husband (he trusts me with his MDE password).

I’ve had luck combining reservations by asking at the restaurant ahead of time (so for a 2pm reservation we asked to combine at 12pm and then came back at 2pm for the meal). It seemed to give them some time to move things around and accommodate us. It wasn’t make or break though - we would have been fine dining in our split parties.

Agree on the res finder. It found me one for Artist Point for January. It was only a few days before it found it.

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Just use the TP res finder and, between them you can have 8 searches going at a time. I planned my current (leaving tomorrow!!) trip less than six months out and have found multiple options for every ADR I wanted over time. I also work out of 3 different MDE’s with different emails. The extra sweet thing with res finders however is you can overlap times, the res finder somehow skips the screening step in MDE, so you can save a few good options in one account until you decide. I would search for both smaller groups and the whole group for something really important, maybe get broken groups first if easier and then leave a search up for the larger size to see if it comes up. Good luck!!

We couldn’t get an ADR for our whole group at TaF either. I think we arrived 30 minutes before our time and asked them to combine our two smaller groups into one group of 7. The CM we spoke to was very accommodating. I do think we were at the largest table in the restaurant, so your group will probably need two tables pushed together. They seem to seat in batches there – the lobby got really full and then they started seating everyone, and then the characters started making their rounds after we were all seated.

I had pretty good results with the res finder and mouse dining. Res finder actually sent me some same-day availability, so depending on your flexibility you might have some magic happen at the last minute.

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The other person I selected doesn’t even have a MDE account at this time, since I have fully managed everything to this point. I’m guessing she will need to set one up now if we need to adjust her reservations.

Does it even matter who is on the reservation? Can anyone show up from the party, or must they be on the reservation or the reservation contact?