ADR day coming up, how do they look?

For a group of 6, does the order seem right?

60+6 Topolino’s breakfast, any time I can get
60+5 Oga’s, any time I can get (do have 2 HS days to check, this is later one)
60+3 Sci Fi, lunch or dinner (can try for later HS day if need to but didn’t want to worry about overlapping with Oga’s)
60+4 Sanaa dinner, hoping around 5:00
60+2 Beaches and Cream dinner
60+1 Via Napoli dinner

*If can’t get Topolinos, will try for Garden Grill lunch or Chef Mickeys brunch - just want at least one character meal!

We just did our ADRs for mid-May. Also a party of 6. I think B&C will be difficult at +2. I wanted it for arrival day but there was zero availability so I just have res finder running. We got all of those other ADRs except Sci-Fi - I did get 50s at 60+6. I had to split our party into a group of 4 and a group of 2 for topolinos. I don’t know how many tables they have for larger parties right now but I don’t think it’s very many.

You will have no problem with VN. We had dinner there on our arrival night. We booked B&C dinner at 60+3, but we were a party of 4. I don’t think there are many tables that will seat 6. You could also struggle with Sci Fi. I had no problem booking a lunch at Sci Fi, but it was at 60+6.

Thanks, good to know!

Thanks, I’ve never been able to get B&C and that was before covid!

Sooooo… it didn’t go great, lol. But I got Oga’s and Sanaa. I got Topolinos for 4 but curious how you got a 4 and 2? Different accounts? There’s 2 available but if I try to book it says I overlap. Trying to call and been on hold over an hour :confused:

Ugh. Yeah I had to do different accounts. I hate that you have to do that for larger parties.

SciFi has become one of the hardest reservations to get. HS really needs more dining options.

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Well after 1 hr45 min on hold and two different guest services members, I did get Topolino’s and Sci Fi!


Yay!!! Calling Disney right now is awful. I always have to wait forever. Glad they were able to help you when you finally got thru!