ADR Day Coming Up! Did I get it right?

Thanks to all of your tips, I know I should be trying to get the reservations in order of restaurant popularity rather than in chronological order. Does this look right? I realize that I may not be able to get my ideal times. And the Bon Voyage Breakfast at Trattoria al Forno is one I’m still not sure is worth it for us, which is why it’s still listed last.

Book Advanced Dining Reservations in order of popularity:

  1. Be Our Guest (MK) lunch for Monday, June 29
    Backup: regular QS somewhere else

  2. Storybook Dining at Artist Point on Sunday, June 28
    Backup #1: 1900 Park Fare
    Backup #2: Crystal Palace
    Backup #3: Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen

  3. Sci-fi Dine-in for Tuesday, June 30
    Backup #1: Beaches and Cream?

  4. Boma for Wednesday, July 1

  5. Chefs de France for Thursday, July 2
    Backup #1: Rose and Crown
    Backup #2: Via Napoli

  6. Grand Floridian Cafe for Monday, June 29
    Backup: Crystal Palace

  7. Trattoria al Forno for breakfast on Friday, July 3

Also, would I be going overboard if I made DH get up with me to try to reserve half of these so we could get them done faster? Thanks!

I’d go for Artist Point first personally. Otherwise it looks fine. I don’t think you will need the help, but if it takes the pressure off then why not?


I too would go with Artist Point first. Also, instead of back ups I would just plan on using the reservation finder is something is not available. Sometimes reservations are late loading and the reservation finder might take a few tries but it is amazing!

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I agree with the Tinks. Artist point first, lunch at BOG should not be a problem

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Another vote to move up Artist Point. That is a tough one.

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We told the 4yo last night that we’re going to Disney World. The first thing he said is that he wants to meet Flynn Rider. :open_mouth: Should I move up the Trattoria al Forno breakfast reservation priority? How far do I move it up?

Also, the park hours and EMHs came out this week, and I think I need to switch two days. How likely or unlikely is it that Disney will change these hours now that they are posted?

As always, thank you for your help!

I did not get it at day 180 but the reservation finder worked great!

This would be 185 days… If that matters, lol!

You should have no problem but I think when I tried for it, it wasn’t released yet. A month later TP alerted me and I got it.

Thanks for the tip!

How did it all pan out? I’ve also never heard of Artist Point and now I’m feeling well out of the loop.

I’ll let you know on Tuesday!

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How concerned should I be about choosing park days before TP updates its crowd calendar?

I would never change my plans based on an adjustment to the crowd calendar. Sometimes it can change multiple times. I live by the general rule to always plan for 10 crowds. That way you are always prepared and lower crowds are a pleasant surprise.


I choose my parks (with CL being a big component of the decision process) before I make ADR’s, but I don’t make changes to my schedule later based on changes in the CL.

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To take advantage of the EMHs, I was planning on:

Sunday, June 28: Magic Kingdom
Monday, June 29: Animal Kingdom (AM EMH)
Tuesday, June 30: Hollywood Studios
Wednesday, July 1: Magic Kingdom (AM EMH)
Thursday, July 2: Epcot (AM EMH)

Is this a terrible plan that I will live to regret?

I got everything I wanted!! Thanks everyone for your help!