ADR Day Coming- Advice for Last Option

My ADR day is in about 10 days. I have everything planned out, except for the last slot. This last slot will be a dinner and we will be spending the majority of the day at our resort relaxing and so we can do whatever, including an in park restaurant. Here are the four we are debating:

Chefs de France
50’s Prime Time
Yak and Yeti

We will be on the dining plan. We will have a car. We were thinking dinner and then into a park for a ride or two that evening. Of these four which would you choose?

Thanks for your thoughts/advice!

We had lunch at Chefs de France in August and it was outstanding! Never eaten at the other 3.

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I have enjoyed Prime Time the couple of times I’ve been there.

'Ohana is nice, but it is a LOT of food, VERY popular, and does tend to run behind in seating.

I was personally not a big Chefs de France fan - I’m not real big on French food so that didn’t help.

Never been to Yak and Yeti.

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I have not been to those, but I personally would pick based on which park I prefer at night. For me that means Epcot.

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I would go in this order:

  1. 50’s Prime Time: For many years, this was a family must do. We enjoy it here a lot. Very nostalgic for us and never had bad or slow service.
  2. Chefs de France: Never been but it’s on my “to do” list.
  3. 'Ohana: I have never been seated there in a timely fashion for breakfast so would not be convinced dinner would be any better. I do enjoy this restaurant a LOT, though!
  4. Yak and Yeti: My kids rank this as their fave WDW restaurant but I’m not convinced.

I think it really depends on type of cuisine you prefer. We are fans of Chinese food and enjoyed Yak and Yeti a lot.

We have never been at 50s Prime. I personally find an idea of being center of attention horrifying and jokes that this place is famous for would ruin the night for our family most likely.

Again this is all matter of personal preference and your tastes might be completely opposite.

If it is not a party night, based ONLY on logistics here, I would probably suggest an early dinner at Ohana. You could drive there and park and then just take the mono or boat to MK. The non-party nights seem to have some later hours so this could work in your favor too. Otherwise what about Topolino’s or Flying Fish or something where you could park and take the Skyliner over to Epcot or DHS afterwards?

The only one I’ve eaten at is Yak & Yeti. I have food allergies, and the allergy menu was limited and boring. It was my least favorite TS meal. For the adults in my group without allergies, it was their favorite meal! Actually, my mother can’t eat dairy, and I’ve never seen her eat as much as she did at Y&Y. My kids ate the same boring kid food they ordered everywhere else. Bottom line, a good restaurant for adventurous eaters without a lot of food restrictions.

Logistically, I was hoping for a few more AK adventures when we were there for dinner, but a lot of the attractions close down early. Check the schedule carefully. The other parks keep almost everything open until the park closes, but not AK.