ADR confusion staying at Swolphin

Into the planning stages for next March, ADR date isn’t until Sept… We’re spilt-staying at Dolphin + AKL. I know that I can do the FP+ at 60 days out while at the Dolphin, but are the ADRs the same? Is it 180 + 10, or will I have to do “each” 180 day ADR individually for our dates at the Dolphin?

I think it is officially 180 days rolling, but I was able to book them all 180 days prior to checkin for my stay last September.

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Oh, thanks for that! Fingers crossed I can do the same next month :blush:

Yep I had the same pleasant experience booking them at 180+ length of stay for Dolphin.

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Awesome! Hope to continue the trend myself :wink:

I had to do the 180 days, one day at a time, when staying at the Swan in 2014. When I was thinking about it for this year, I was told that that would still be the case. If they do in fact allow length of stay for ADRs, I might stay there for another trip.

Thx for letting me know, @illini74. I’ll go in with a hopeful attitude, but prepared that it might have to be day by day bookings.

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