ADR Cancellation Time

My brain has gone all wonky between the flu, kids school stuff, taxes and Disney…

When do you have to cancel an ADR by? Is it 24 hrs before the day of arrival for all or 24hrs before the reservation? I’ve been hearing people say they can cancel a breakfast reservation the night before and they are fine (as long as it’s before 11:59pm EST) I have a breakfast in the middle of our stay that I’m debating b/c it’s our “relax” day and not sure how we’ll feel about it and trying to make up my mind. TIA!

First of all, be careful. Some ADRs have a 48 hour cancellation policy. Mostly dinner packages and dinner shows, but probably some Signature restaurants too.

But I’m sure I’ve cancelled a lunch the previous evening before, without being charged.

And you can also modify a reservation to a later date and then cancel it too, if you’re concerned about it.

oh the modify is a good idea. It’s just for Kona and possibly Garden Grill if we’re really zonked by the end of our trip

This is what we always do if we have to cancel an ADR late for some reason.

I’ve canceled many before midnight the night before without problems. The last one being a 1900 Park Fare as we were coming home from MK around 11:45p for a 7:45 breakfast. I always try to cancel earlier so it can be filled but this was a last minute decision. Like someone else said the prepaid ressies aren’t as flexible.