ADR Cancellation Question

We have the deluxe plan and I have an ADR for arrival night. If the plane is late or we are delayed can they deduct a dining credit as opposed to the $10/person fee? Seems harsh to charge $70 for our party of 10 on top of the expensive DDDP… would rather cough up a credit (x7) from our deluxe plan if the option exists.

No its $10 per person via the credit card. Adr system is not linked to ddp Sorry. I would suggest possibly cancelling the Adr and doing something else instead depending on your arrival time. The cancelation policy is the same regardless of if you have no dp or Platinium plan. Hope you have some nice meals booked Mx

Just saw you are traveling with your kids. I know it is none of my business but is the deluxe plan the best fit for your family? It can be great if doing a lot if signature meals but with kids the standard plan is often better value. There are so many liners (not me we stay offsite) who have splurged on the deluxe plan who regret it as they have so many credits left over and have wasted so much time eating in TS that they miss out on park time. Mx

Is the reservation for a time that is very close to your arrival time @MindfulMouse? If not you’d likely be ok. If you’re concerned that it’s too close you can try to push it back a little. If it’s not one of the really hard to get reservations you might even be able to call if it looks like you aren’t going to make it and ask them to reschedule it for later in the week and then you can always go in and cancel it later ;).

If you give yourself 4 or more hours after your plane is due to land you should be ok with time to spare.

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Hey just FYI we do the deluxe all the time with kids and absolutely love it. It gives them downtime and they actually are forced to sit and eat a meal. :smile:. We usually do breakfast at the hotel or character and then a nice dinner somewhere.

Also, the extra snacks are great for the boys who seem to be hungry constantly.

Ohhhh fancy! I need to travel with you guys more often lol.

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According to @KeliJ you have just as many LOL


Yea but i’m paying out of pocket for mine. Even with all of our ADR’s it was still a lot cheaper than the deluxe plan, and really even than the regular plan. It’s funny when I first started planning I was all up in arms about trying to get free dining but we saved so much getting the room discount. I sat down and added up some sample bills for our meals with tax and tip and it was right at 1000 bucks. So crazy to think of spending that on eating lol. But we’ve managed some disney rewards and I got some free gc’s for our Y&Y so it’ll end up around $850.

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WOO HOO OUTER! I know, I tell everyone do the math. For us, it works out to about even so having it paid for ahead was worth it (and my bff jokes that with her pre-pubescent son Disney loses money LOL)

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Thanks all! So here is why I am doing Deluxe this time… (kinda a unique reason I think)… I am a math guy and the math to do Deluxe DOES NOT work for us… but yet, I am going with the Deluxe plan anyway. The reason: We are travelling with my in-laws (who are awesome people!) and they are very very frugal. So, rather than them (and me) having anxiety over every meal and menu item, I am able to tell them: we are on the deluxe plan and it is paid for (so relax and enjoy the trip with your grandkids! :)). So we will eat based on our needs each day (if we need to be fast we can do a QS, if we want to rest we can do a sit down, or a character meal, etc.) and know that it is covered. In the end, I am “losing” ~$300 (based on our planned ADRs), but that is money well spent to ensure a magical time (knowing my travel party) :wink:


I think that sounds like a great reason! If it’s not killing your budget I say go for it. Peace of mind can definitely be worth it. My inlaws are so frugal they built their own house so I’d probably do the same thing if they went with us lol.

that is a FABULOUS reason!

OK - this is the one valid reason to use DDP deluxe.

Regarding the question, look up and save the number to the restaurant in question and save it on your phone. IF it’s looking like you wont make it call them directly. I have never had them not help me out.

The first time I brought my son to WDW I had NO IDEA what we were doing, so I booked deluxe for just me and him, then 4yrs or so. We ordered A LOT of room service since it never occurred to me that you would need to make reservations for blah pasta 180 days in advance. Room service uses up 2 credits

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