ADR Cancellation Page

If this has been suggested already, or if this is in the wrong place, I apologize. This is my first post. I think it would be nice to have a dedicated page for hard to get ADR cancellations. And we could PM to coordinate times, etc.

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This has been suggested and I agree that it's a good idea!

Genius @kellybelle!!! smile

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OK, thank you. BTW, was this the right spot to post a suggestion. For future reference...

Yes it sure is!

Awsome idea

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I'm going to try using this thread, but I'm not sure if anyone will see it. I was kind of thinking it would work better to have a separate category within the WDW Dining category for ADR cancellations. It seems to me that listing the ADR specifics within individual thread titles would make it easy for people to glance through what's available. Kind of like Craig's List, I guess. Maybe they could automatically drop off the list at some specified point? @LaurelStewart - Do you have any ideas?

Anyway, here's my attempt to make my ADR available to Liners before I cancel it.

I have an ADR for Via Napoli on Wednesday, November 5 at 6:20 pm for 8 people that I will be cancelling. I decided to go for a much earlier time. If anyone wants to coordinate, please let me know. I'll wait until Monday 06/28 to do anything.

We're tossing about an idea for sharing this sort of thing.

Until then, you could edit your post if the ADR is taken by someone. I could sticky it in the WDW Dining page. What do you think?

Adds, I don't want to go overboard sticky-ing everything. So I get it if people don't think it's a good idea.

I think maybe just having a mod going through every few days to delete the thread once it's marked as no longer available would be a good idea. Though some may disagree if it messes with their post count lol.

@LaurelStewart So is there a certain place we should do this, or just create a new thread for each ADR?

This might be something that evolves until we find a system that works really well. I'll leave of on your capable hands. You're welcome to use my available ADR as a test of you'd like @LaurelStewart. It's for Nov so there's plenty of time. Try the sticky, then try the thread within a category, etc. just let me know if you want me to do something other than leaving it here.

I just started an ADR cancellation thread in La Cava so that only Liners can see. I don't know how to post the link. I'm canceling some very desirable ones for Oct; that's all I'll say here in the gen pub area. wink

Well, using this thread didn't work at all. I'm going to re-post this in @PianoMinnie's thread over in La Cava. That's probably a better place for it anyway. Here's the link, just in case anyone is looking for it.
La Cava ADR Cancellation Page

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