ADR california grill brunch

how difficult will it be to get brunch ADR on 180 +1 at california grill? our adr day is end of January and having done lots of research i really want this reservation. only once a week and it is day after my bday ( travelling day from uk so really cant go anywhere on the day) hopign for a late a reservation as possible as going to MK first thing

I haven’t had trouble getting any of my hard to get ressies as long as I’m on the website the second it goes live on 180 day. You’ll probably be ok if you do that. For you, a very late night or early morning to be on at 6am Eastern.

I’ve been pretty successful getting it. This time I’m having a hard time so have secured Narcoosee, but this is Marathon Weekend and I suspect that brunch post marathon is pretty popular.

It’s at 11am so it would be a very late night :joy:

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Timing of ADR is good for U.K., as 6am eastern time is 11am in uk so mid morning. Looking for 29th July so peak season. Just hoping adr day isn’t a work day for me. And just checking it is 2 credits on dining plan like evening meal.

I had my 180 just last month. I got everything I wanted… Be Our Guest dinner, CA Grill dinner, CRT pre rope drop breakfast… etc. Point is… at 180, I wouldn’t think its a problem. Just prioritize what will be in most demand, and go through them in that order. Obviously, if something is REALLY important to you, put it in the top 2 or 3 ADR’s you try to get. But I had no problems for a late May/Early June trip.

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We enjoyed the brunch last April, late in the month and booked. 10:10 ADR the previous night.

Hi @OBNurseNH ! Did you eventually get the California Grill Brunch ADR? I know it was a while ago and you might not remember or see this reply. I’m having a hard time for a Sunday that is 180 +5 - no times available at all. I’m using TP res finder so here’s hoping. :smile:

I did get the option to reserve it, but opted to stick with Narcoosee and enjoyed it with a certain talking black and white cat. It was lovely! But Narcoosee has since stopped doing brunch :frowning: In fact, I think mine was the last brunch service they did!

Thank you so much for the speedy reply! This was my first forum post and I’m so impressed you saw this … :smile: Thanks for your time!

I received a notification because I was watching this post (way back when!)

Welcome to forum! Post often and have fun! You’ll start by asking all the questions but before you know it you’ll be providing all the answers, too.


I haven’t even gone to Disney yet and I’ve started answering questions! You will learn so much on this forum!!!