ADR but just get takeout?

OK, this is a long shot. Does anyone know if you can use an ADR to enter the parking lot of a hotel (let’s say YC, for instance), then check in for the ADR and get the food to go? With park hours being extended earlier, we won’t have time to sit and eat and still rope drop, but the chocolate waffles are calling my name, and the IG parking would be great!

Thanks, all-knowing ones!

Ale and Compass has mobile ordering. I do not know if it will get you into the parking lot, but you can place a to go order.

The YC seems to have some of the most lax gate guards, they haven’t checked by ADRs at all in the past few months they just always wave us through. I’d have a MO set up so you don’t have to wait long.

FWIW, we just returned from WDW yesterday. We had ADR’s at AK, YC, and Riviera. In each case the security guard had a small hand held device on which he looked up our reservation after asking our name before allowing us to enter the parking lot. At the YC, I was asked to show a photo ID as well. I don’t know if it was just the particular guard on duty, or if things have changed with larger crowds or what, but the whole place was packed … parks, resorts, restaurants, everywhere. And yes, I saw people pick up to-go orders at Ale & Compass and Sanaa although I have no idea how that would be done at a sit down restaurant.

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There are several sit-down restaurants that have to-go options: Kona, Toplinos, SH-71… other’s I can’t recall

That has been our experience as well (though the photo ID thing is a joke as one guy didn’t look at it at all, and the rest have given just cursory glances.

I think it’s probably designed to be inconsistent so as to make people hesitant to try it. And also because different folks do their jobs differently anywhere.

The resort restaurants with to go options are listed in MDE if you scroll down after the theme park ones and DS. Click the + button, then “Order Food” and then scroll down:

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