ADR BOG dinner and Wishes

Hi, I am traveling on January to WDW. I manage to get an ADR at BOG dinner fot 7:40pm; but the problem is that the fireworks (wishes) are at 8pm. What are my options for nos missing any? I couldn.t find any other ADR time for BOG dinner for 1/25 or 1/18.

Can you see Wishes on a different night? If you keep BOG then I would assume you won’t be seeing wishes, however when you check in, ask very nicely if you could come back at 8:15pm and see what they say. You might be able to sweet talk your way in at 8:15pm, but there’s a risk you might lose your reservation or have a very long wait. If you’re at BOG and still waiting to be seated at 8pm, you might be able top outside for a different view of Wishes.

Maybe check the reservation finder for an earlier ADR?