ADR best time

Need some help please I have got a ROL package in August for breakfast at TH at 10.15 not sure on what time 1st show will be but I have also got a ADR for Yak & Yeti one slot at 4.45pm and another at 6.45pm which would be best for catching the show? So I can give one up.

I would keep the 445PM at Yak & Yeti. That gives you enough time to enjoy your meal and not rush to Rivers of Light.

It was the same advice given to me about a month ago and it worked well.

I would also keep the 4:45 - for me that is the best time to get to ROL with minimum stress and is also well spaced from TH meal

We did similar last week, TH at 10:30 with ROL package and Y&Y at 5pm. ROL was at 8:45 and we had plenty of time after dinner to ride the Safari and EE.

Thanks for your help did think that 645 maybe a rush :+1:

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