ADR before RD at MK

Already ask my Liners this. I have an 8:10am ADR at BOG on a 9am RD. Staying offsite and have to park at TTC. What are my transportation options at 7 am? Freaking out that monorail might not be operating. Its for September 7th.

If the monorail isn’t running, there will be the ferry running. They will not strand you at the TTC. Everyone now gets to enter the park around 8am anyway, so lots of people will be arriving then.

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Thank you @Nickysyme. That makes me feel much better.

You can also valet park to CR to “have breakfast at the Contempo Cafe” and walk from there to MK.

Not sure if it worked with the screen shot.

You notice it says “FP plans”. Your ADR should be fine.

Your looks different. Wonder why. I am used to see it like yours just telling me that there is something else at that time.

My guess MDE glitch. They did release an update a few days ago. Did you load the update?