ADR availability for resort guests


well this is interesting

on the one hand, i think it should be this way. otoh it sucks for locals who already are limited because they don’t plan at 60+10


I’m wondering if there is any PRACTICAL advantage to this. Since resort guests already get 60+LOS anyhow, they get first dibs and would likely fill up those “reserved” spots anyhow.


And I suppose it may be just that deluxe guests are given preference at restaurants at the resort they are staying at.

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Actually now that I’m reading it again it says it will change daily so maybe this is more day-of?

This is really unclear.

Maybe Disney will actually make an announcement :bulb:

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Perhaps they will hold some tables back for ‘day of’ bookings?

I just searched for this Saturday evening and I can’t see any particular increase in availability for resort restaurants.
Dopey me, I should search for tonight, but I am not a resort guest tonight. We need a tester.

So…that would mean that there would be fewer ADRs available for those who are saying on site and want to book early for 60+LOS.

I guess wait and see what the official change is.


Maybe this is address a situation where guests are staying at the hotel but can’t get reservations to actually eat there. Extreme example, you are staying at CR and you can’t eat at CG because no more ADRs? This would leave a little wiggle room :woman_shrugging:. Because outside of the bubble if you are staying at a CR level hotel, the idea you couldn’t eat at its signature restaurant is ridiculous, most of the time.


Ah. Now that, I can see, is definitely a worthwhile change.


I check in tomorrow at POFQ, and have been looking at last minute bookings for days. (That’s how I roll, and I have good luck with last minute ADRs because people who plan in advance have to drop things at the end). Anyway, I am not seeing any difference in availability or any way this benefit would make itself known to me.


I always thought they should do this. You should’ve able to dine at the resort you’re staying.


We check in to POFQ on Sunday! I am trying to find a last minute late breakfast at Topolinos. Still searching.


I’ve never heard of this site before. I am very curious how this would actually get implemented. I have a BLT reservation and still can’t see any Cali Grill reservations!

The site? Orlando Theme Park News? Long standing, typically good info

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Ok! Must just be off my radar. If other sites had picked this up then I guess I would attribute it to rumor. But this one says it went into effect 2 days ago but no information on how they know this? And I haven’t seen it anywhere else. How are people who want a reservation at their hotel supposed to know?

Oh gee I didn’t see that


I have received an email today about other Disney stuff through the TA page but not about this…


How is anyone to know about the winter AP discount of up to 25% off without stumbling upon it?

Same same I guess :laughing:


Completely fair! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We could play a trio! I don’t have room to pack the stand-up bass, though. I check into POFQ on Saturday!!! Woo hoo!!!