ADR at Ohana at 7:10 - fireworks qu

So we have an ADR at Ohana at 7:10. I had wanted to get a later one to be there for the fireworks. Do you think we could push our dinner out to stay for 2 hrs for the fireworks, or do you think they’ll be getting people out the door as quickly as possible for those later reservations? If so then where would be the best place at Poly to watch the fireworks, and would we need to get a space early, in which case it may be better to have a quick dinner to get a good spot outside? Thanks for any suggestions.

Ohana is notorious for seating you well after your ADR time. I would leave it and expect to be seated around 7:30-7:45, maybe later if you have a large party. Also know that not every table there has a great view of the fireworks so if you are counting on that, you may want to look elsewhere.

I have Ohana’s on my list for October about 6.30 then watch the fireworks from the beach that was based on everyone’s advice …

So, there’s a range of time you can check in for your ADR. For me, I had an 8:45 ADR, with HEA starting at 8:55. I made sure to check in at Ohana at 8:15, the earliest I could, to hope to get seated as close to “on time” as possible (our pager went off for our table at 8:45, so I did well!).

For you, since you want to have your meal extend into fireworks, I would recommend that you check in at Ohana no earlier than 7:08. This will push your seating time by probably 15-30 mins depending on the traffic that evening, and leave you no trouble staying at your table through HEA.

Hope that all makes sense!

Thanks everyone for your tips. Has anyone had any luck with being put at the windows in Ohana? Can you send in a request for seating before hand?

I have lucked into two fantastic tables for fireworks viewing, no requesting necessary. So I’m the wrong person to ask!

So just say we don’t get to stay in the restaurant until the fireworks, does the beach really pack out? Would we find a good spot coming out of Ohana at say 8:45?

I honestly would want to be out of Ohana in time for the fireworks and watch them from the beach. They pipe in the music outside, you can still hear some of the pops from the fireworks, just a fun atmosphere.

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We watched the fireworks from the beach a few years ago when we stayed at Poly. It wasn’t crowded at all.

This is all new to me! I have a 5 yr old that is very noise sensitive so we avoid the fireworks. What time do they usually start? I would love to do this for our trip in Jan.

It’s dependent on season and MK closing time, but, the baseline is generally 8:55 PM for Happily Ever After.