ADR at LaHacienda to View Epcot Forever

Wondering if anyone has been to LaHacienda during Epcot Forever? I have read that this is a good spot as the windows in the restaurant are huge and look over the lagoon. I made ADR at 8:15PM. We are eating dinner earlier in the evening, but thought it would be nice to have margarita’s and some appetizers during the show? Thoughts?

I am doing the same thing for Feb 10 at Epcot, and I was told by a local to move that ADR to 8PM if possible - the best viewing tables fill up by then or earlier. You can go outside to the patio before 9PM if you have already eaten, but you probably won’t get a table you can stay at. Also, I’ve been told that it’s not quite as good a seat for Epcot Forever as it was for Illuminations, but they still pipe in the show music to the restaurant and it’s a nice climate-controlled option for watching.

What time is the show?

For Illuminations I always had my ressie 90 minutes before.

If it’s a 9pm show I am concerned you are cutting it too close and that parties will already be occupying the seats your after with intent to remain for the duration of the show.

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I have never understood the desire to eat dinner during the show. To me, they are two separate events that should each be given your full attention. And no matter how good the view is inside, it will be better outside.

If it’s timed well you are finished eating.
You order dessert.
You watch the show.
You enjoy the dessert.

It’s perfect.

Don’t knock it if you’ve never done it

Thanks for the input. We have more than one opportunity to see the show, so I think we will give it a go. Maybe the best part of the experience will be the margaritas and I’m ok with that! :wink: I’ll try to remember to update this thread and let everyone how it went!

Now yer talkin’!

For sure the margs are great there.

We also really love the empanadas, if you’re just looking for small plates/snacks