ADR at Kona, can we park at resort and take monorail to MK

We have an ADR for a 10:00 breakfast at Kona, in Nov. We are staying off site. Taking car to Poly for ADR. The kids wanted to go to MK after Kona. Can we stay parked at Poly at take monorail to magic or will we need to go to TTC after breakfast?

Parking at resorts is for guests staying or those dining there.

Some people do what you are asking, but you should really park at the TTC. Unless you valet park at the Poly.

I would just park at the TTC and walk along to the Poly. Probably just as quick as getting to the Poly, finding a parking place and walking to the lobby.

Thanks! I didn’t realize I could walk to the Poly from TTC. I just didn’t want to get stuck at TTC, with morning crowd.

You would be allowed to go on the resort line with an ADR, they’d just scan your magic band (if you have one).

Yes, we have the bands. I didn’t realize I could use the resort line. Thanks for your help.