ADR at Crystal Palace

My wife is a HUGE Eeyore fan so I wanted to make a reservation at The Crystal Palace for her for our upcoming Disney trip. The reservation finder comes through with an 8:00 PM reservation. My concern is that we want to be able to see the fireworks show at 9:00 PM. Will we have enough time to eat without being too rushed and see the characters and still get out to the show with an 8:00 PM reservation or do I need to keep trying to find something a little earlier, say 7:30? What say you fellow Disney experts? :slight_smile:

I would bump up to 7:30 at least - maybe 7 to 7:15. 8 might work if they can seat you immediately, but if you wait 15 minutes to be seated, you’re going to be on a real time crunch.

The other option which may work if you don’t find that magic 7:30 time slot is to show up at 7:45 so if there’s a 15 minute wait you’re still seated by 8. That might help…


Thanks! I’ll keep trying to modify it to get an earlier time slot. Nothing else available right now. I’ve got the reservation finder on the lookout again too!

BAM! Reservation finder comes through again…just modified my Ohana reservation to 8:25.