ADR at Cinderella's Royal Table with DxDP - how?

I know if you’re not on a dining plan, they charge you for the meal when you book your ADR. I thought I remembered reading somewhere that if you have the dining plan (deluxe or otherwise) they would go ahead and deduct the credit, but I can’t seem to find that anywhere - and a google search brings up things from 2007 and 2008.

Does anyone know what the current situation is - payment and deal with the refund mess later or pre-take credits? (Disney’s chat feature isn’t working now or I’d just do that. LOL.)

I’m a little fuzzy on details but I know when I booked our CRT ADR for last February There was an option to select if you were going to be on the DP or not. I don’t know if it automatically deducted credits when we booked it but we didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket at the time of booked. We ended up deciding to cancel our dining plan though and so when we did make it to our meal we had to pay OOP at the restaurant since we hadn’t prepaid at the time of booking.

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I did just now get someone on chat and he said I can use my credits. If for some reason it charges me I can either get the refund at the restaurant or I can call and they will switch it and refund.

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