ADR at 180 (+9): this is NOT a drill


Pixie dust!


I will say that, with the exception of the glitches, the whole thing was pretty smooth and took a lot less time than I thought. I was done with the 15 successful ADRs in under half an hour.


Lucky. I spent 3 hours fighting through the system for my September trip. Glad it worked out for you though!!


Agile has zero to do with cheapening out on infrastructure.


I wouldn’t say “zero” but I would agree a tool is never really to blame. Agile makes everything look way simpler than it is and take less time to build than it really should and when you stop understanding or fail to appreciate that quality takes time (which higherups often -er- ALWAYS do), you get your cheapened infrastructure.

Add that and the 3 points I made above and you get …Disney IT.


Or just set up a reservation finder!


Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?


I’m now at a critically important section of the planning: second-guessing the timings of everything and changing them all.

Nothing major, really. Except I’ve decided to do the ROL dining package, which means an earlier dining time. And I’ve nudged some other stuff to improve the plan a little.


Outside the ambit of your exponential equation :joy:. Oh no.


Just here to help :slight_smile: :tipping_hand_woman:


Because of reading your post, I went and checked on HEA dessert parties for our stay in July as well, and was able to book the one we wanted! Last year the dates were released so late, so I am SO excited those are already available for July!


Concerning Garden Grill, I was able to make both breakfast and lunch reservations for the week of July 9 when I logged in yesterday, so not sure what is going on with that today.


I’m terribly bothered by this:



We are Brits. Once we escape the nursery we eat the evening meal at night!


I think he means that the dinner reservation is listed before the breakfast


It’s not that. It is that on the 15th, and only on the 15th, the meals are mis-ordered.

I mean, I get it. You sort on ACTUAL time, rather than desired time. But I can still be bothered by it, can’t I? :wink:




Oh! I was wrong:


No excuse for this one!


It’s in priority order for getting the ADR


If that’s the case, I would think @profmatt could make that sufficiently clear. I mean, really. Does he think we just sit around all day long and look at every bit of his schedule just KNOWING his thought process?

ETA: I really think he needs to learn to be more open about his plans instead of always keeping it all to himself.