ADR and friends

We have an ADR for three for our second night in WDW next month. Last night I found that friends of mine are at WDW and that is their last night. I looked this morning at the website and tried to adjust the ADR to five and the DIsney website said no tables available.

So my thinking is if I try to call WDW Dining I will be told again there are no tables available, they will offer us a different ADR some place else.

I’m thinking that we should meet our friends outside of the restaurant and walk up to the podium and say we are now a party of five. Disney will do one of three things add a chair to a four top table, put us at a larger table or turn us away.

What are your experiences with this?

Ask at the podium, but get there a little earlier than your reservation. Typically, they are accommodating. What restaurant?

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Thank you that’s what I thought.

You could also use the reservation finder.

Also try looking for 6. Sometimes the system doesn’t like odd numbers.


Thank you, I looked at that and no reservations are available that night from 7-10 pm.

I had an ADR for two at S220. They were able to convert it to a table for four, but not five.

Thank you, I’m hoping that a new resort restaurant can move me to a larger table where a new park restaurant can’t.