ADR and FPP times ending in 5

I’ve tried hard – honestly, I really have – but I cannot stand it when all I can find is an ADR or FPP time ending in a 5.

Actually, that’s not true. I’m fine with 15 and 45, but all the others horrify me. Who makes a dinner reservation for 6.35pm?

I’ve been modifying like crazy to get nicer times, but they don’t always appear.

not insane


Maybe you could trick your brain by entering them into your spreadsheet/plan with a 5 minute “arrive early” buffer.


Are you checking for a single reservation? I wonder if it’s the same for a 2-person reservation?

Set your watch back or forward 5 minutes so that when you arrive at 6:30 (according to your watch), it is actually 6:35 for them.

This actually reminds me of high school. Four days of the week, all classes finished/started on a time that was a multiple of 5. But 1 day a week, we had “home room”, which added about 20 minutes. In order to compensate, all the rest of the class times were shifted around so that the final end time for the school day remained unchanged. So, for example, our schedule might be like this M-Th:

First hour - 7:20
Second hour - 8:25
Third hour - 9:30
Fourth hour - 10:35
Lunch - 11:40
Fifth hour - 12:10
Sixth hour - 1:15
School day ends: 2:15

But on Fridays:

First hour - 7:20
Second hour - 8:22
Home room - 9:24
Third hour - 9:42
Fourth hour - 10:44
Lunch - 11:46
Fifth hour - 12:16
Sixth hour - 1:18
School day ends: 2:15


(I don’t like the h:05’s either…but cie la vie!)


I agree. The quarter hour is fine. All the others not. But I can see how if they did it on the quarter they’d have droves showing up every 15 minutes.

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