We’re staying at CR have a 7:25 AM ADR at CM on 2/4. This is also our EPCOT day. If we hop on the monorail immediately after breakfast, do you think we can effectively make it to RD? CL is 6. Our goal is to get to Soarin’ asap. Should I switch the ADR to another day? I think my family would mutiny if I tried to get anything earlier. Any advice is appreciated. Long time lurker, first time poster.

CM often runs behind and can be a long meal if you want to meet all the characters. If RD is really important to you, I would consider this too close and too stressful. Have you considered a pre RD at garden grill? It is one of my favorites and many use it for a soaring advantage over the RD crowd.

I think EP has been letting people in to just about Spaceship Earth and then dropping the rope there ( sometimes a few minutes early). I would expect to be behind the crowd. I would plan on being at CM at least 15 minutes to try to get in the first seating.

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@AuntB_luvsDisney That is a really great idea!Of course nothing available, but I’m setting up a reservation finder for Garden Grill right now. Thank you so much!

@PrincipalTinker thank you for the info. If I can’t get us into garden grill, I will definitely try to get the first seating for CM.

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Having never done a CM breakfast I can’t comment first hand on the specifics of that meal, but you have 90 min from the start of your ADR to the EP gate for RD. I would plan no less than 30 min to get from the CR to EP by monorail, and as you will be traveling in peak RD crowd time, there may be long lines at both monorails. That leaves you 60 min to eat. For me, this would be cutting it very close for any TS meal, let along a very popular CM. Also if you did manage to get to EP “at” RD, you would be behind all of the people who got there 30, 45, or even 60 min before RD.

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On my last trip we had a 7:20 reservation at Ohana and we were staying at the Poly. We wanted to make it to MK for RD and it was stressful for me. By the time we ate and met all the characters we ended up getting there right at RD but we were behind the crowd. We wanted to ride Space Mountain first and ended up waiting a lot longer than anticipated. I didn’t enjoy the breakfast as much as I wanted since I was looking at the time most of the breakfast. It was not a good start to the day for me.This was just my experience.

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UPDATE: We just got back from our trip and I am planning to do a full trip report, but I wanted to let you all know that I cancelled our ADR for CM as suggested and I’m so glad we did. We ended up doing dinner at CM instead on our last night and the character interactions great as ever.


I am so glad it worked out!