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Our ADR day is Friday. Going for my son’s 8th birthday trip who doesn’t like Mickey Mouse (Mickey beat sponge Bob in the cartoon beat box battle and he’s never been the same). However he loves goofy hence most of these choices. Although I will have my 2 year old daughter with me trying to focus the trip on my son and stay away from so many princesses.

9/18 (arrival day) -Cape May Breakfast (Minnie’s beach bash) 9:00 am

9/18: Cape May 6:00

9/19 Planning to go to Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest Breakfast (no characters) im trying to get a reservation before the park opens.

9/20 Hollywood Studios

Hollywood and vine (Disney Jr. Characters) the park opens at 9:00 I’m trying to get a PPO reservation

Chef Mickeys (All the main disney characters) 5:00 or 6:00

9/21 Animal Kingdom

Tusker House (Donald and friends) 10:30/11:00 I’m trying to get a reservation close to lunch so I can get a taste of their African inspired dishes

Here are some of my questions, I really wanted to do ohana breakfast on arrival day but they don’t have any of my son’s favorite characters. Is the food/experience worth choosing it over cape May?

Besides my PPO reservation which one should round out my top 3 as most difficult to get.

Is ohana dinner worth going to from AK?

Any must do first time disney goer dinning that i am missing?

Chief Mickey’s is in the Contemprary resort. They have Mickey Mouse and the gang. Now Crystal Place is in MK and they have Winney the Pooh and friends. Ohana is in the Poly resort. Now generally we don’t do breakfasts except for QS. Lunch is the best time for BOG and Cape May’s which is at the Beach Club resort is mainly seafood, so if the kids aren’t into that, it would not be the place for them. A fun time can be had at Hoop De Do review and the food is down home type. It is in Wilderness lodge. One other is in Mk and that is Liberty Square Tavern. It is not a Tavern at all but serves meal like Thanks Giving Dinner. Hope this helps.

Look into the reservation finder for any you do not get. With SWGE opening, there may be some bigger crowds throughout the world. Normally I’d be pretty confident in getting any of those (with some help from the res finder,) but…Star Wars.)

For Tusker House’s “African inspired” dishes - don’t build that up too much. You’re talking about African “inspired” food, in Orlando, Florida, in WDW. Don’t be surprised if it’s not that inspired at all - and that’s putting it nicely.

Can I assume you are staying at the Beach Club (or Yacht Club)?

For convenience sake, I would stick with Cape May for breakfast but maybe Ohana for dinner. There are hundreds of places to eat at WDW and I wouldn’t want to eat at the same place twice on a trip, let alone on the same day.

I liked both Cape May’s breakfast & dinner, by the way. I’m from New England (translation: I know the best of the best seafood) and we thought the food was good and there is plenty of variety. The breakfast especially is the more standard Disney fare. The characters are great as you would expect. I don’t think there are characters at dinner.

Thanks! Those descriptions are left over for my family who is traveling with me so I’ll be sure we keep expectations low.

We aren’t, we’re staying at animal kingdom lodge. We are flying in the night before and staying at an offsite hotel but I would love to get the magic started early for my son while we wait for check-in. We aren’t wanting to do a park that, if I can swing it I may add a day but for right now we only have 3 park days.

Cape May dinner is a must for my husband and I (although I do have a back up plan for cape May on my MK day without the kids but not sure about babysitting situation amongst my family yet)

Are there any other non park restaurants with Goofy? I guess my son will see him atleast 2 other times just struggling to find other non park character meals that I think he would be excited about. I hear good things about the ohana experience but I wonder if that holds true for a child that isn’t aware of lilo and stitch and is not currently a fan of Mickey

For us - no. We think the food is much better at Cape May.

This article may help you:

At the end of the article, it mentions “The Four Seasons also hosts a Good Morning Breakfast with Goofy and His Pals, as does the Garden Grove at the Swan Hotel”

Cape May breakfast is good. Buffet, plenty of variety. Ohana breakfast is also good, but it’s family style - not buffet. If you are going for characters, stick with Cape May.

I found BOG table service lunch to be extremely LOUD, and over stimulating for me with a lot of clanging of dishes and too many people up moving around all the time. I can’t imagine breakfast being much better, so if overstimulation is a concern for you, beware.

Since you’re not staying at Contemporary, it may make more sense to do Chef Mickey’s on your MK day - take the monorail there and back.

Tusker House is one of our favorites and we’ve repeated it several times as a result. African inspired is to be taken lightly. If you want more African type, go to Sanaa - but even that is very Americanized. Tusker House will be better suited for children’s palates.

We also love Ohana dinner. My DH insists on it, and I agree. Also family style. Not the best for picky children, but they do have standard hotdog, mac & cheese and chicken nuggets upon request only. It makes for a very expensive hot dog.

I would book in this order - BOG, Ohana, Cape May, Tusker House.

I love eating dinner at the Poly and think it is worth the trip from anywhere on property. We too are staying at AKL for our upcoming trip and first choice is dinner at Ohana but we’ll take Kona. Kona has always been great but I haven’t been since they updated the menu. We love to go for dinner and then head out back to the Poly beach for the MK fireworks. The music is piped in and I actually prefer to watch the fireworks here rather than from inside the park.

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Darn one of those would have been perfect but they dont offer the characters on our arrival day

Got it!. We originally were planning to go to MK on friday (my son’s bday) but changed our mind with MNSSHP but we want to keep Chef Mickey’s since that day is his actual birthday. I think I may budget for a minnie van that day. It is out Hollywood studios day so there is a huge possibility we wont head back to that park.

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