ADR advice -- thinking of ditching H&V

We’re two adults – one a vegetarian, one “normal” (ahem!). I like good food, I like interesting/impressive environments. I’m a little “meh” on character interaction, but I’d like some.

So far we have: Tiffins (good food, plus ROL package), Sci-Fi (sounds fun), Brown Derby (good food, plus Fantasmic package), Tusker House (good food, characters), Sanaa (good food, good view), Cindarella’s Royal Table (IT’S IN THE CASTLE!!!), and Be Our Guest (fun environment, everyone seems to think it’s a must-do).

Oh, and Hollywood & Vine for the Music of Pixar package. But I’m having second thoughts about this one. All my other picks I have a reason for, but this one . . . not so much and I’ve read not great reviews.

If I ditch it, what must-do have I missed from my list?

PS We’ve got H&V on a day when we’re doing Epcot in the morning and DHS in the afternoon/evening. The H&V package is $57 + tax/gratuities.

If you are not after the Character Aspect you can get the same Package with Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano or Brown Derby. Brown Derby will probably end up costing you more than H & V. We go to let DD see the characters dressed in their Christmas Attire. It is a buffet so like all of them you’ll have things you like and things you don’t.

I’ve not been, but most reviews are along the lines of “go for the characters, not the food”. For me, I would chose MM over H&V, especially as you have 2 other CMs…


If it helps, we had no problem finding a spot to sit for the Pixar show without a package. We showed up maybe 10 minutes before with a party of 2.

I kind of found DHS to be a bit of a food desert outside of table service. So I would still find a reservation, but maybe don’t worry about having to have a package?

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I’ve ditched the package and have booked 50s Diner.


You won’t regret it…

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That is a good choice. The interaction with the cast members will be fantastic!

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Last December (2016), Andrea and myself went to H&V and were very disappointed in the food, only real good thing was a dessert. I would suggest a different place over H&V.

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We loved the 50’s diner so much!

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yes, 50’s is a great place to eat at.

I think you’ve made a great choice.

I actually like the food at H&V, but the last time we went, our daughter was 9 or so. She was a bit too old for the characters on hand. She hadn’t watched Handy Manny for a couple of years and Sofia debuted just around the time she was moving on from Disney junior programming.
H&V is definitely aimed at the very young crowd and/or adults who are really young at heart.

Enjoy 50’s prime time. Don’t forget to come a bit early and have a cocktail at the Tune-in Lounge!

Hollywood and Vine have different characters at different times of the day. Disney Jr. characters are at breakfast, but Minnie, Mickey, Donald & Daisy appear at lunch & dinner. FWIW, we thought the food at Hollywood & Vine was fine at dinner in March; I wouldn’t say it was outstanding, but it was much better than I would have thought after reading other’s comments. Definitely better than our other character meals.